Jeff Ebersole
2nd hour

One Strange Trip

One day while lost in the vast woodlands of Scotland, I came upon a pop machine, I had no money, and because of my strong moral values, I felt I could not force it open with a stick or break it with a rock, because that was wrong. As I sat there leaning against it, I pondered how I could get a refreshing can of pop. I got up and looked around to find a coin or a bill that someone might have left or lost. After five or six hours I gave up, no one had dropped anything that I could find. By this time it was now nightfall, so I slept leaning against this oasis. While asleep, I had a wonderful dream of this pop machine. I dreamed that it opened up and asked me to indulge in a cold refreshing drink. Another dream I had was where every five minutes the machine gave me a can from now until eternity.
When I awoke I jumped up and turned around to see if any of the dreams were true. I quickly saw that they were not. I decided that I could not leave this place until I had enjoyed a can of pop. By the 3rd day, I had to scout for food and water because I was feeling malnourished. As I walked around I found a snack machine the kind with many divine foods inside such as candy bar and chips, but still no way to eat them. I stayed here until morning trying to rig a transport of some sort for it. I cut a tree down and made 4 wheels and eventually a cart to support the machine and than to transport the machine to the other. This was such a great task, I forgot about my hunger. By dusk I had arrived back at the pop machine. As I set the candy machine next to the pop machine, my hunger came back even stronger than before Once again, I knew I could not break into the machine to eat, again my strong moral values. So I went out again in search of food and water.
As my walk progressed I found a stream and I took a drink and ate many fish, then thought that I should of cooked them first. On my way back, I got lost and had to sleep under a foreign tree and try to find my way home at day break. As I tried to find my way home, I found another machine. It was one with pre-made sandwiches. As I looked at it, a sign on it read "Sandwiches made fresh every morning". I thought about this and thought maybe the person who stocks the machine might have dropped some money. I looked, but again as before found none. I built this one a trailer and moved it to the others after I found my way back.
While I went to sleep leaning against the machines I thought about how I could fool the machines into giving me food. I thought about making coins or bills to confuse the machine. I thought about this for several hours and I decided to attempt to use leaves to buy a pop. I looked around for a leaf that had texture and size that was comparable to that of a dollar bill. I set out on a long trek to locate a leaf that fit my profile. As I was gathering leaves I found a change machine so I built another cart and took it to the others. I tried my leaves in the pop machine, one after another. I have about 5 leaves left when my mind started to think that this would not work. But I kept trying -- 4 left, no pop, 3 left, no pop, 2 left, no pop, one left, Oh my goodness, it worked. It accepted by leaf. The read out said not enough credit use exact change; credit 25 cents; add 25 cents now. "What" I yelled. How is that only a quarter, it accepted it as a bill. To say the least I was mad. I pressed the coin release. It