Jason does not deserve the title of hero; rather he is an egotistical fool who falls victim to his own ambition. Discuss
The play Medea is all about decisions. The very first decision is made by Jason. The result of this triggers the first of two very big mistakes, this on his part, the other by his x-wife Medea. As the question states, asking him which title fits him best of course it is obvious that his decision to leave Medea was not only a gross misjudgment of their love for each other but also a egotistically thought of plan.

- ego meaning self EGOtistical decision means that he only made the decision thinking of his own benefits and no one elseís. Jasonís motive for leaving Medea was to marry the kingís daughter so he could have power. Along with this benefit for himself we can also assume that leaving Medea is so selfish that we can except that not only was he thinking for his own benefit but he was not even considering Medeaís situation. After considering these aspects I have attained two aspects to him being an egotistical fool, as he did not think of Medea either.

- On the other hand I have the fool he fell victim to his own ambition. This as we all know is true, if he had not have left Medea in the first place would any of this ever happened? No.

- Point of whatever Jason could have done to be heroic and contradict that being a hero is saving other people also. Would he have done it if there was nothing in it for him?


As you can see Jason is definitely Egotistical as he only thought of himself and he has fallen victim to his own ambitions Medea would not have done this with out any motive.