The population of Japan from a 1996 estimate is about 125,449,703 people. The population density is of about 332 persons per sq. km or 860 people per sq. mi. About 78 percent of the people live in urban areas.
Japan has an area of 377,688 sq. km. The Japanese Islands extend in an irregular crescent from the island if Sakhalin (Russia) to the island of Taiwan. Japan proper consists of the large islands of Hokkaido, the northernmost; Honshu, the largest, called the mainland; Shikoku; and Kyushu, the southernmost. The combined area of these three islands is about 362,000-sq. km. Tokyo is Japanís capital and largest city.
Japanís highest point is Mt. Fuji that is 3,776 m or 12, 389 feet. The lowest point in Japan is sea level.
In Tokyo, Japan the high temperature occurs in August when the temperature reached 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius.
The low temperature in Tokyo, Japan occurs in the months of January and February when temperatures only reach 30 degrees Fahrenheit or Ė1 degrees Celsius.
The language spoken in Japan is Japanese. The other languages are minority languages.
The religion in Japan is made up of 85% of Shinto and/or Buddhism and the other 15% are made up of others such as Shinko Shakyo (new religions) and Christianity.
People in Japan have the ethnic backgrounds of 99% Japanese. The other 1-% includes Koreans, Chinese, and Ainu.
The food and drink that is eaten here is mostly rice. The drink is sake, which is a strong alcoholic beverage. Sake is the drink that is used when the people in Japan and the people who are Japanese perform a spiritual drinking ritual.
The life expectancy rate is 79 years. The infant mortality rate is 4.8 per 1,000 births.
The Agricultural products in Japan consist of Rice, sugar beets, potatoes, cabbages, citrus fruits, sugar cane, sweet potatoes and onions.
The Manufacturing products consist of machinery metal and metal products, textiles, automobile chemicals, and electrical and electronic equipment.
The type of government that runs Japan is a constitutional monarchy. The head of the government is the Prime Minister, which is appointed by the emperor.
The money that is used in the country of Japan is called the Yen.