Kevin Mignone
November 15, 1998

Janet Reno is a very interesting and dynamic woman. She has done a lot for our country in the past and is still working to make our country better.
Janet Reno was born on July 28, 1938 in South Florida. Her mother was an Indian Princess for the Micosukee tribe. Her father was a Dutch immigrant. She went to Gabes High School in 1952. She then went on to Cornell University and graduated in 1960. She got a law degree from Harvard University in 1963. She was the staff director in the Florida House Judiciary Committee in 1971. She was appointed State Attorney in Dade County, Florida and then went on to become the U.S. Attorney General when Clinton was elected President.
After Reno graduated law school, she spent eight years in private practice. She was appointed staff director of the Florida house Judiciary Committee in 1971. She then applied to the state attorneys’ office in Dade County.
Reno was appointed to fill in as State Attorney of Dade County. She failed to win a case against police brutality. This trials’ outcome caused riots in Miami. She was re-elected four times for her other outstanding works. She helped reform the juvenile justice system, and special courts for drug offenders, and forced fathers to pay child support. However, she was knocked for not being tough enough on crime.
Reno was chosen as Attorney General after President Clinton failed twice to win approval for other female nominees. She was re-appointed by Clinton when he was elected for his second term as United States President. Reno fought against Microsoft for two days because they were monopolizing the computer software market. There was a 51 day standoff in Waco, Texas in 1997 against a heavily armed cult. She saved the children in the complex who were in danger.
Reno has done many amazing and interesting things in her life that have helped her country. When she graduated with the law degree, that showed her country that she could be a god fighter for our rights. When Reno was a State Attorney, she showed that she had experience helping people. She served our country as a great leader and displayed a positive attitude toward all of the conflicts that she had to deal with.
Janet Reno was a great leader. She fought for parents whose spouses wouldn’t make child support payments. She fought against police brutality suit, and she became a State Attorney right out of college.
Janet Reno is a good role model for the children of our society. She has shown them that if you go to school and do everything you can, and work as hard as possible, you will ba able to get a great job and receive privileges like higher pay and promotions.
Reno was a great person, but if she lived during the colonial times, she would not have been able to show her intelligence. She first of all wouldn’t be able to do anything because she couldn’t go to school. She speaks about politics, which wasn’t allowed either. She spoke against men who wouldn’t pay their wives. In colonial times, it was a major no no to even talk about defying men.
Janet Reno is a role model, college graduate, female helper, and a discrimination fighter. She has served our country greatly and she will not be forgotten.