James Bond

The latest mission for James Bond is an action packed thriller that begins with an awesome high speed hover craft chase through a minefield in the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea; and the action doesn't let up until we fade to black. James bond meets up with Jinx (Halle Berry) and Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike) who play enticing roles in James' attempt to unmask a traitor and prevent an international catasrophe, World War. From Hong Kong to Cuba to London and Iceland James Bond is on the trail of the deadly Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens) and his henchman Zao (Rick Yune). In Iceland James finds him self in the villains lair; a palace made of ice, where he experiences the power of a new hi-tech weapon, Icarus. Plenty of explosive action makes for an ending to die for.

007's signature conversation opener has become a form of cultural memory. So too have the visual images from 20 James Bond films. The Bond silhouette in the opening credits striding across the screen, then turning towards the camera to fire his gun. The sly smirk of Pierce Brosnan and his four predecessors in their roles as Englands top Secret Service agent. And we couldn't leave out the ritualistic ordering of the "shaken, not stirred" Martini. As the most popular movie series in movie history, the bond story has adjusted to changing times for four decades without abandoning a tried and tru recipe of international consiracy, sexual intrigu, and of course the slick little gadgets.

While Die Another Day may fit the bill as your typical James Bond film, it certainly does not lack it's very own ditinguishable traits. Do you think that Sean Connery, the first actor to portray Bond, would have ever imagined the incredible possibilities due to the advancement of technology such as digital enhancement? Or who would have ever imagined James Bond being captured and tortured for over a year? It is such twists of character as well as the right mix of technology that make for another classic James Bond adventure.

Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby, and Roger Moore have all seen their fair share of gadgets in their individual roles as James Bond. Such as the stanard issue watch which has usually been rigged with such devices as explosive detonators. Of course Bond needs the latest set of wheels for his mission. But I am certain that none of Pierce Bronsnan's predeccors would have ever been able to stretch the limits of imagination to introduce an invisible car, and still make it seem realistic. That's right, the new Aston Martin Vanquish has been renamed the Vanish, and for good reason too. This milestone in technology would not have been possible without the being able to digitally enhance films by transfering the film to a computer language, using sophisticated programming to change the film, and then re-transfering back to film protocol. As time consuming as it may be to make a movie these days, this digital technology has allowed for the producers to make another great film in which cool little gadgets that may seem far fetched, beleivable.

At the same time a few hi-tech aspects of Die Another Day may seem a little far fetched. This film explores the possible human future of genetic engineering. We are introduced to our villain Gustav Graves, who has undergone "gene therapy" to change his Korean complection in to that more characteristic of an Englishman, allowing him to betray 007 without being being detected. As unbeleivable as this may seem, Hollywoods imaginative flair has once again captured the appropriate use of technology to attract Bond "junkies" worldwide.

Die Another Day has become the most succesful Bond film yet, financially speaking. It's success is not surprising due to the application of the orginal structure which has produced nineteen prior films. Searching for props and scenes that have been used in previous films can be fun and exciting. For example, when Jinx is introduced in her role, she emerges from the ocean wearing a bikini and a dive belt. This scene was first made famous by Ursa Anderson in the movie

We also see the rocket pack that was used in by . But, in an unprecedented James Bond event ,