Jack the Ripper was a serial murderer in Whitechapel, London, Englan in the year 1888. From August 31 to
Nonember 9, Jack killed five women. In this horrific 10 week period, he murdered five prostitutes, all in a
mile area that involed the districts of Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Aldgate and the City of London proper. All
ranged in age from their late teens to theri early seventies. He raped the women and they were all found
nude in a road, except for one who was found in her house. Jack the Ripper was called the Whitechapel
Murderer and "Leather Apron."
The Whitechapel murderer and his victim stood facing each other. When she lifted her skirts, the victim's
hands were occupied and was then defenseless. The Ripper seized the women by their throats and strangled
them until they were unconscious if not dead. The Ripper then lowered his victims to the ground, their
heads to his left. Given the inclement weather and filth in the streets it is unacceptable that the prostitutes or
their client would have attempted intercourse on the ground. He cut the throats when the women were on
the ground. Splatter stains show that the blood pooled beside or under the neck and head of the victim
rather than the front which is where the blood would flow if they had been standing up. By reaching over
from the victim's right side to cut the left side of her throat, the blood flow would have been directed away
from him, which would have reduced the amount of blood in which he would have been exposed. The
Ripper then made his other mutilations, s!
till from the victim's right side, or possibly while straddling over the body at or near the feet. In several
cases the legs had been pushed up which would have shortened the distance between the abdomen and the
feet. No sign of intercourse was ever detected from the bodies. Usually he took a piece of the victim's
viscera. In the opinion of most of the surgeons who examined the bodies, most believed that the killer had
to have some degree of anatomical knowledge to do what he did. In one case he removed a kidney from the
front rather than from the side, and did not damage any of the surrounding organs while doing so. In
another case he removed the sexual organs with one clean stroke of the knife. Given the time circumstances
of the crimes outside, often in near total darkness, keeping one eye out for the approach of others, and
under extremely tight time constraints, the Ripper almost certainly would have had some experience in
using his knife.
It is unclear just how many women the Ripper killed. It is generally accepted that he killed five, though
some have written that he murdered only four while others say seven or more. The public, press, and even
many junior police officers believed that the Ripper was responsible for nine slayings.
Mary Ann Nichols was one of his victems. She left a husband and five children. The Whitechapel police
found Polly's body on the side of a street. Her troat had been slashed twice, left to right, stabbed in the
groin twice, her breast had been cut open and she was mutilated and disenbowled.
Onle seven days later the police found the second victem, Annie Chapman. A women said see saw Annie
talking to a man whom she believed ws Jack. She described him as about forty and had grey hair. The
women said she heard Jack say "will you" and heard Annie say "Yes." Her throat was slahed twice, left to
right. She had been rippedeopen from her rectum to her breast, and her cloths were pushed up. At her feet
there had been a leather apron in a pan full of blood.
Not long afterward, her killed the third victem, Elizabeth Stride. She was the only women whom jack
killed at night. Her throat was only cut once, and her cloths were not pushed up. A man in a buggy heard
someone fall to the ground, and when he passsed the road that Elizabeth and Jack had been in, he saw her
lying a pool of blood. Police say that Jack only cut her once because