It was the last football game of Johnny Wonder’s high school career, and
little did he know, it would be the best but scariest game of his life.
The friendship between Johnny and his best friend, Ted Blockman, was
inalienable. No matter what happened, they were always there for each other.
They were always competing and pushing each other to the next level. The one
thing they had in common was martial attitude on the football field. Johnny
was the star quarterback and Ted was an offensive guard. They were both
libeling all week about how they were going to beat their cross-town rivals from
Johnny and Ted played for the Tomtown Terrapins, and they were really
psyched up for the big game. All week their coach dissuaded them to take the
Bobsville Bobcats lightly because it would end up hurting them in the long run.
The coach played the role of a despotic and fearless leader by practicing and
hitting harder in that week than they had all year. Ted walked off the field the
day before the game thinking it was the most arduous week of football he had
The Tomtown Terrapins had the most sufferance of any team in the
state. They practiced incessantly and were in the best possible shape.
It was finally time for kickoff and the game got off to a celestial start for
the Terrapins. The opening kickoff was ran back 99 yards for a touchdown by
the superstar, Johnny Wonder. The Bobcats offense came out for the first
drive seeming very irresolute. The Bobcats punted the ball away and on the
very first offensive play the Terrapins ran a quarterback sneak up the middle
for a 75 yard touchdown. There was only one problem, Ted Blockman was
down on the ground and looked to be in excruciating pain. His scream was
heard by Johnny who immediately ran to his side. Johnny nearly passed out
from the insidious sight of his blown out knee. Ted was rushed to the hospital
and they performed emergency reconstructive surgery on his knee. Ted’
football career was over and everyone knew that. Johnny didn’t think he could
play anymore because he always had Ted right in front of him, blocking. He
wouldn’t have it any other way. After a long talk with the coach, Johnny told
the team he would go out there and dedicate the rest of the game to his injured
best friend. While out there Johnny couldn’t get Ted off his mind. Everyone
tried to solace Johnny but nothing was working.
At half-time the score was 14-0 and Johnny was still very distraught.
The coach got in his face and asked him one very important question that
really hit home. He asked Johnny if Ted would want him to worry about him
just then or would he say to expunge everything from his mind and get the job
done? Johnny knew the answer and he went out there and ran for 1 more
touchdown and threw for 2 more. The final score was Tomtown Terrapins 35
and the Bobsville Bobcats 0.
Johnny was glad for the win, but all he could think about was rushing to
the hospital to see about Ted. Ted was unconscious when he got there, but the
prudent doctors told him Ted would be okay and he would be waking up at any
minute. Seconds later Ted woke up and found Johnny sitting next to him.
The first thing he said was, “Was that a heck of block, or what?”
Johnny gave him a five and told him he was the best.
That night Johnny learned that his best friend Ted, will always be more
important than any football game.