It was a perfect liftoff into the night’s sky. My house as the

shuttle rumbled as it lifted off of its for years stationary address of

Arlington Place. Straight up it went into the fascinating sky stained by

darkness and glittering with stars. It was a silent liftoff, no noise was

heard for I didn’t want to wake my peaceful neighbors from there

sleeping serenity. I waved goodbye to the ground and the

surrounding nature that never before did I notice

their splendor. I looked up and with my arms crossed rested on the

window sill, my head slightly turned and my chin rested in the

pocket of my arms, I sighed and began to enjoy the night ahead.

Floating upward we reached a large cloud and I slowly watched in

frozen fascination as the window of my parents bedroom opened and

both in peaceful sleeps my mother and father levitated and floated

out of the window. They landed on the cloud and feeling a slight chill

tucked themselves into the fluff of the cloud. Then hearing a

creaking sound on my left I turned and watched as my sisters

window began to open. She then levitated and floated onto the

cloud as well, she sunk into the cloud and continued her dream.

I whispered, “sweet dreams” to my family and continued to fly. This

was my night to share with my mind body and soul. I kept my

cat Felix with me though, his loving silence has only shown

love and that face of a sleeping tabby is to amazing to exclude from

this fantasy. The scenery above is much different from the

scenery below. Up above their is no filth, pollution, or violence.

Just the clouds, the wind, darkness, the peaceful silence lightened a

bit by the twinkling stars that shine with happiness. I fell in love with

the solemnity of the night, and realized how rarely I experienced

this peace. Sailing higher, and higher I anxiously awaited the

destination that was in store. Higher, and higher I flew. I looked

down at my self and I was once again pure. My lips smiled again,

my hands clapped, my toes tapped, my arms were clean, I was

happy like a little child. I laughed, and laughed until all of a sudden

a light so bright glared onto my window into my eyes and I fell back

from the lights sting. I then cupped my hands in an arch and placed

them on my forehead so I could look out the window and block out

the bright light. At first I didn’t know what it was and examined the

sky as it changed. Beams of light began to shoot out every where,

the stars disappeared and the wind dulled down. My house began

to descend. I realized that the sun was rising and a

new day was beginning. I was going back home. “Where am I

going!”, I screamed. “I don’t want to leave, not now, I am happy

again!” As the light became even brighter my eyes began to adjust

and. . . buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I sat up quickly up and

slammed my alarm button. I jumped out of bed and looked in the

mirror hoping to look like I did in the sky, I was disappointed at what

I saw realizing I was back to normal. I turned and sighed, “What a