It was a hot day in August during the summer of 1997. I woke up and felt full of energy. I took my shower, and made my bed and was ready to start a new day. After I made my bed I sat down, and turned on the television, and I watched television for about a half-hour, and my phone rang. I answered the phone, and it was my friend Matt. Matt wanted to know if I could do anything, and I said yes that I could do something. At that point I told Matt to come over. After Matt arrived at my house, and we decided to go on the Internet. While we were on the Internet Matt asked me if there was a way of looking up the weather for our area, or any upcoming local events, such as fairs, festivals, and so on. I said yes absolutely that you could look up the weather, local events, news, phone numbers, and etc. We looked up some local events, and we had noticed that Our Lady of Mount Caramel's church was having their annual church festival, with rides, contests, and refreshments. We then got off of the Internet. It was now 12:00 PM, and we decided to go down to Matt's house to see what we could do over at his house.
We then arrived at Matt's house, and I helped him out with some chores he wanted to get done so he could have his house spotless by the time his parents came home so he could surprise them. I helped Matt by vacuuming, and sweeping the floor while he did the dishes, and straightened up the rest of his house. We then finished, and we sat down. After we sat down Matt showed me some of his new CD's that he had just purchased the previous day. I said I like a few of them, so why don't you put them in the CD player so we can listen to them for a little bit. Matt put on a CD, and then Matt sat back down, and proceeded to talk for about a half-hour. At that point I said since you want to surprise your parents when they get home, we might as well go all out, and clean up the yard. Matt thought that was a good idea, and we walked out to the yard to decide what we could do. We decided that Matt would cut the lawn, and take care of the weeds, and that I would pick up the litter, and leaves scattered throughout the yard.
By the time we had finally finished with the yard it was about a quarter to 2:00pm. After we finished we went back into Matt's house, and we rested for about 15 minutes. While we were resting Matt mentioned that he had a friend that lived in Allen Park that he hadn't seen for quite some time, and that he would like to visit him sometime. At that point I said that since we had nothing planned why cant we go over to your friends house. Matt thought that it was a good idea, and he mentioned that if we had time we could go to the Our Lady Mount Caramel's annual church festival. I told Matt that it sounded like a good idea.
At that point we called our parents at work to tell them were we planned on going, and what time we would be back by, and they said it was ok to go on with our plans. Matt called his friend Rob, and found out if he was going to be home later, and he said that he would be home later. At that point we were on our way. We started off by taking Pennsylvania Rd. to Allen Rd. then we took that to Reek Rd., which is what we took all of the way into Allen Park. We rode for about 15 minutes, and decided that we were hungry, which is when we decided to stop at the next restaurant we see. We finally stooped at McDonalds about 2 minutes later. After we finished eating we rode for about 15 more minutes, and we finally made