It was a cold February, Friday evening and my friends and I were taking a trip to Red Deer for supper and to attend a Rebels hockey game. Along with me for the ride was Sheldon, Amanda, and Jolanda. We hoped that the night out would be full of fun and excitement. The night was fine and everything was going great. The hockey game was over and we were beginning our trek home from the Centrium when everything took a turn for the worse and the whole night fell apart.

After school on that Friday, Sheldon and Amanda went to Sheldon’s house so that he could change his clothes and get ready to go. Meanwhile I took Jolanda to her house so that she could change her clothes and get cleaned up as well as pick up her wallet. After Jolanda had finished getting ready we left and went to my house. When we got there I changed my clothes and also got ready to leave. When I had finished getting ready Jolanda and I sat in my living room and watched television while we waited for Sheldon and Amanda to arrive. Finally after Sheldon and Amanda had stopped at Amanda’s house they arrived at my house about an hour later. Once they arrived we were finally ready to embark on a journey that I will never forget.

The four of us jumped into my ’87 Grand Am and headed to Red Deer. On the way the fun was just beginning, music was blaring in my car, we told some jokes and talked about the days previous events overtop of the music. We were very excited about going out as we had a chance to escape the weekly bore of Alix that was present every weekend. Since everyone was hyper about our outing the atmosphere in my car was electric. Amanda and Jolanda were bouncing in their seats to the music, and Sheldon and myself were laughing at the two of them, not to mention the jokes that we were laughing at as well. The whole trip was full of energy and was not boring at all, as Jolanda and Amanda were going crazy and provided plenty of entertainment.

Before we knew it we had arrived in Red Deer, as the excitement of our trip had past the time very quickly. As we rose above the crest of the last hill before Red Deer Jolanda suddenly let out a ear shattering cheer, “Wahoo, we made it!!” Everyone started to laugh again as we continued in our way. Once we hit Red Deer, we were a little early so we decided to go to the mall to pass the time. This was to be an experience.

We arrived at the mall and everything was fine. We went in and walked around for awhile and checked out a few things in several different stores. We had been at the mall for a while and were starting to get bored of just walking around, so we stopped at the food court and had an orange Julius. While we were sitting there Jolanda and Amanda decided that they were going to be handicapped. So all of the sudden Jolanda leaned over and said, “Hi, Chad,” in a slurred voice. Amanda then began to drool and rolled her as if she could not control it. She then leaned over and kissed Sheldon covering him in slobber. I racked up, it was hilarious. Sheldon wiped the slobber of his face and then when Amanda wasn’t looking he licked her cheek. She was grossed and wined, “Sheldon, that’s gross!”

“Well, you deserved it,” he replied.
“Yea,” I said, “You did it to him first and it was even worse.”
“So, what,” Amanda said, “I’m not worried I’ll get him back.”
“Oh, ho, you better watch out then,” Jolanda piped up.

Just then I looked at my watch and it was six o’clock. “Time to go, lets hit the road,” I mouthed. So we all got up and headed out of the mall to my car. Again we all piled into my car and drove across the street from Parkland Mall to the Village Mall, and went to A&W to have supper. Supper was pretty normal except for when