It takes concentration. It takes practice. It takes a little bit of luck. Did i mention that it
takes practice. It takes the right kind of equipment. It also takes practice. What is it, it is
bowling with hook. Bowling with hook is what all the pros use and it is what many league
bowlers use as well. I personally through with a lot of hook, and to be able to do this was
not an easy task for me.
When you decide that you would like to bowl with hook there are a few steps that
you will have to follow. First, you will need to find the right equipment. This equipment
includes a ball, shoes, rosin(optional), and a wrist brace. The brace can be optional but
they are very helpful in the beginning. Now the ball is what you would like to find first.
When buying a ball, please pick a ball that is the right weight for you. Try and throw a
few house balls first, so you can get a feel for some of the weights. A house ball is a ball
that is provided by the alley, most of these balls are not good at all. They are mostly
plastic, and arenít supposed to be used for someone who throws with hook. After you
think that you have a good weight, go to the local pro shop. There should be one located
right in the bowling alley. Here you will find local pros or just guys who know a lot about
bowling balls, they can help you tremendously in your search for a ball.
The best type of bowling balls to get are reactive resin bowling balls. These type
of balls will react to the lane, making it easier to throw hook. Now lets say that you got
you ball and it is ready to be drilled, here comes another decision that has to be made. Do
you want it to be a fingertip ball or not. When throwing hook you want it to be a fingertip
ball, it makes it so much easier to throw hook. After you have chosen fingertip, the
person sellling you the ball will ask if you grips or not. Say yes, it will cost some more
money but these grips will give your fingers added support and comfort.
While in the proshop it is also important to pick up some other key ingredients in
our little bowling equation. You will have to buy some shoes. Here you donít have to
buy anything fancy if you donít want to. They will have shoes where you can change the
heel so you can change your approach. They will also just have some shoes that are for
the average bowlers, and the beginning bowlers as well. You should probably try on some
house shoes before you go and buy some, this will help you find the right size. When your
feet are in pain when your bowling it will cause you to lose focus, and this will weaken
your game very much.
Another key item that you can buy is a ball bag. Some of the bags in the pro shop
will probably amaze you. They have some bags that can hold up to four bowling balls,
and then a pair of shoes too. For a beginning bowler I would have to suggest to stay with
something simple. Just try and buy a bag that holds one maybe two balls, and your shoes.
Always make sure that the bag has a little pouch in it so you can carry your other items as
well. Some of these items might be rosin, a towel, some chapstick, a metal file, and maybe
some new skin. The rosin will help you dry off your hand, this comes in handy when your
arm is getting weak and you need just a little more grip to be able to throw your ball.
Your towel will be used to wash the oil off of your ball, this works for some people and
not for others. Personally I donít use a towel cause I fell that the oil helps my ball develop
a track. The chapstick can be used if your thumb is beginning to swell. It will provide a
slick layer that will enable you to get your ball of your thumb easier. The metal file, can
be used if your thumb is beginning to swell and you need to file