It is human nature to strive for success and own personal achievement and profit.
Now think, if you consider what I have just said and apply that thought to a large unified country or nation, your going to end up with a huge imperialistic power. Meaning that if you add these two thoughts together, it will form the world's strongest powers.
A perfect example of this statement are the five VETO powers. Every single one of the five VETO powers are imperialistic. How did they get where they are. The gov't created a sense of pride in their country using propaganda and other gov't schemes. This formed a strong military, which appeared as a threat to other countries. They then could go into other countries and spread their influence and conquer. A perfect example of N+C= I!
You unify your country and create a sense of nationalism. Then you give your subjects the desire for profit and personal gain. Mix that together in a pot and you get a hearty bowl of Imperialism soup.
Back in the early 1900's, Germany, Europe and France were highly imperialistic. There was one problem to there imperialistic minds. They all wanted a piece of the same land. That land was Morocco. All three of these countries wanted it, but only one of them could control it. This created conflict between these countries. Imperialism isn't always a good thing. As a result of this conflict, it led up to WW1.
What Hitler did with Germany is a textbook example of Nationalism plus capitalism equals Imperialism. Hitler used propaganda to influence his people that they were better than everyone else. This created the unity within his country and created a very powerful army and military.
After he unified the nation of Germany he added Capitalism to his scheme. He wanted to conquer everyone and everyplace that he figured would give him an advantage or the other way around, to get rid of any threats to his plan of taking over all those other countries.
Germany became a huge force and was almost unstoppable. Hitler created a "political organization" called Hitler Youth to train young siblings the way of the Nazi organization. In a broad sense, Hitler was brainwashing his people into doing and believing anything he wanted them too. If people did not listen they were imprisoned or killed.
The theory of N+C=I dates back to before Christ, when the Roman Empire was created. The Roman Empire started off as a small-unified state in Italy. The Romans were masters of engineering, warfare, and gov't.
There was no real large empire until the Romans started their uprise. The Roman Empire encompassed the whole Mediterranean Sea and gave it the name "Mare Nostrum" meaning "our Sea." It extended as far as the British Isles in the Northwest, Egypt in the Southeast, Armenia in the Northeast, and Mauritania (presently Morocco) in the Southwest. It was the greatest Empire the World had ever seen. By the end of the 6th century BC, Rome became the largest and richest city in Italy. By the time of Augusts, shortly before Christ, most of the known world was unified and at peace under the rule of the Roman Empire.
Roman history is hard to follow because almost no facts are known for certain. Roman History is made up of what facts we've found and Myths and Legends. The start of the Roman Empire could be dated back to when Servius Tullius (the second Etruscan King) made a treaty with the Latin cities, which acknowledged Rome as the head of all Latium. He was also the one that enlarged the city of Rome and built the wall around the Seven Hills.
The Roman Empire, that lasted two centuries long, could all be credited back to when Rome was a small-unified state, that got the urge and desire for personal profit. They then became the largest Imperialistic Empire the world had ever seen, taking control of everything they desired. This never would have happened without a strong sense of nationalism and a desire for conquest, power and prestige.
Back in the 17th century Dutch Boers colonized the Cape of Good Hope, no more than a forming group of people. The Boers used Africans as slaves on their farms. Britain occupied the