It is a custom to take jeepney to places. The most unique form of
transportation in the Philippines is the jeepney. It is a colorful jeep that was
converted from the army jeep in World War II. They are dressed with many
decorations. The jeepney is a colorful and festive-looking jeep. In main part of
Manila, the colorful jeepneys are often used for short trips and are a central part of
the Philippines public transportation system, which also includes bus and rail lines.
Jeepney travel is great for short trips. Jeepneys run through all major roads in
Manila. Destinations are displayed on the windshields and the sides of the jeepneys.
Filipinos often use their eyes, lips, and hands to show a lot of messages. A
Raised eyebrow and a smile indicate a silent "hello" or a "yes" for an answer to a
question. Continuous eye contact between men is thought of has a bad gesture. This
will likely fall into a fight for a Filipino is mostly over prided. The right way to get
somebody is with a downward wave, but if you know the person then you can get
someone’s attention by saying sht! Filipinos value polite language and kind
conversation. Voice tone is always soft and gentle, and direct questions should be
avoided. If you know the person well then it is ok to ask direct questions. Filipinos
value their self-esteem, so never criticize or argue with them publicly. Most men,
when so irritated, will fight because of their pride or self-esteem. Filipinos enjoy
conversations about their families. English is the language used to conduct business.
Punctuality is expected for meetings, it is better to arrive a little late for a dinner
invitation. Arriving late for parties or so shows a sign of respect to the person
having the party. Greet people with a handshake.
Filipinos celebrate the follow holidays; January 1 - New Year's Day Maundy
Thursday Good Friday April 9 - Day of Valor April 14 - Good Friday May 1 -
Labor Day June 12 - Independence Day June 23 - Manila Day November 1 - All
Saint's Day November 30 - Bonifacio Day December 25 - Christmas Day December
30 - Rizal Day