Islamic Death Customs

The people of the Islamic religion aka Muslims hold their dead in very high
respect. They have some interesting customs when it comes to death. Muslims always
treat their dead with the best that they have available. They also think more highly of death
than life.
Muslims believe that their life on earth is just a transition period preceding their
afterlife. They think that dead ones who donít have burials or ones whose deaths arenít
avenged that there spirits are left to wander aimlessly around earth. The grave stones that
are placed are usually left blank for belief that is the only proper thing to mark a grave.
Cemetaries are usually located near the edge of citys, near the gates, or the slope of a
mountain is also common. It is common for muslims to whisper the shahada into the eat of
a dying man while his face is turned towards Mecca. Mecca is the holy city for the
muslims and the shahada is a prayer of the Islamic culture. After someone has died the
body is washed several times with soap, usually an even number. Then perfume is applied
and finally a white cloth is wrapped tightly around the body. Muslims also close the eyes
of their dead. When an Islamic funeral prossesion goes down a street people along it are
obligated to stand to show respect for the dead and also to the families that have lost the
loved ones. The funerals are usually custom to happen the day of the death or the
following day, though their are exceptions if a proper funeral cannot be arranged in that
time. Speedy and messy funerals are not acceptable in the Islamic culture, it show great
direspect to both the dead and the family. When it comes to putting the body into the
ground it is done by the closest relative. The person with this duty usually puts it on the
bodys right side since the muslims like to do most everything from the right. The body of
the dead is always placed facing Mecca.
The Muslims have some very interesting customs and beliefs when it comes to
death. They choose to give dead the highest respect and believe in treating them properlly.
Even though their customs may be similar to some other religions, muslims stay true to
them more than most others. Death to the muslims is not a sad thing, but more happy and