Is There Really a Difference ?

When I look at the world today I see many different people competing for, in some cases the necessities to live and in other cases the nesscessites to live better. As human beings we need three basic things in order to survive, oxygen, food and water. If you look at these three things needed to live life there is no difference to be found amongst humans all over the world. The difference comes when people view themselves different from others in various parts of the world. When we view ourselves different from other people this is both good and bad. Difference is good because it gives humankind an out look on life that is not always the same as our surroundings. In order to survive on this plant difference is instrumental for humans to solve problems. In the vast amount of difference in the world ideas have flourished to help and hurt human kind. Difference is bad in the same sense because humans have decided to judge one another because we are all different. In all reality humans are different in how we think and act but we are not different in what we need.
Difference comes in many forms, but the big question is how do we as humans react to this difference. People judge others because we are different. There is no way to get around it if you are human you will judge others and others will judge you. Should we judge others because they are different? How should we react when others judge us? Everyone that asks themselves these questions will answer differently, all I can do is answer the question for myself and hope that others wont judge me on my answer to harshly. On the question of "should we judge others because they are different?", I say yes. People should judge other people not because their skin color, or religon, gender, age etc.., but on how they treat human beings. I believe everyone has the right to live and explore the world how they want as long as it does not hurt or can be potentially harmful to other human beings. To answer the question "how should we react when others judge us?" , I would say that it depends on what we are being judged for. Everyone makes mistakes, we are human, mistakes should not be judged because a mistake is not a part of who we are in the scheme of things. When a person judges you because you are different the reaction should be looked down upon because the fact that you are different should not be the basis of your character. The reaction to judgment on the fact that you are different is ignorance, ignorance on the part of another human being should not be taken into account. A good example of how we as humans view difference is the infamous O.J. Simpson case. In this case Simpson was judged by two different groups of people. The first group that judged Simpson judged him on the criminal aspect of whether he killed his ex-wife and her friend Ronald Goldman. The second group that judged Simpson judged him on the civil liability aspect of a wrongful death lawsuit. Although the two groups were comprised of people who were individually different in how each person thinks rationally, there was also a difference in the racial make up in both juries. The first group was made up of people who were predominately black. The second group was made up of people who were mostly white. The difference comes into account on how both groups judged Simpson. The first group comprised of mostly blacks found Simpson not guilty. The second group comprised of mostly whites found Simpson guilty. Why Simpson was judged guilty I can not say for sure, to say it was because of a difference in race would be to simplistic, or is it? My point is not to explore whether or not Simpson was guilty or not but to convey the sense that difference is not a topic that can be easily explained and must be looked at from a multitude of different points of view.
Exploring Difference
By exploring difference in people and cultures we