Is there anything wrong with habit forming? Look at what most of people do with
their wrong habits. Everyone has to work harder everyday in order to survive. People do
not have sufficient time to do recreational activities such as hiking, cycling, and so forth.
Also, people do not have opportunities to spend time with their friends, families, and
relatives. In today's world, people become less appreciative of themselves. Increased
technical advancements such as transportation, computers and home entertainment systems
have caused many people to feel that they need to keep up with the times. Actually they
start the wrong habit which obsesses on these awesome technologies. Economics has
become a bigger issue of today's society for example the need to invest for the future,
retirement savings, life insurance etc. People have to take that responsible habit associates
with money with no choices The computer world has taken over man to the point that jobs
are being eliminated, these putting demands on better work performance and higher
expectations. People still need to have their original habit which does their jobs fully by
themselves, not by computers. This really effects and influences a person's self esteem and
self worth in the work environment. All of these poor and spoiling habits people have used
cause the non-cherish world as it is.
Most of people have that heavy habit regard to money. People have to work hard
almost daily in order to earn money to survive and to put aside for retirement. They have
to be extremely cautious with their money in order to be financially independent. It is
difficult to keep ahead with payment commitments such as credit card bills, mortgage,
taxes, and so on. Some people have lousy organizing habit with payment commitments.
That can cause people to end in death. For example, some people commit suicide do to the
high demands of financially supporting a family. Unfortunately, lots of people have a false
sense of priorities. The priority for employers is mainly the work employees do, not their
own personal life and well-being. With all the pressures and expectations from the modern
world, people tend to lose their ability to value, cherish and maintain healthy relationships;
for example long ago Christmas was a time for family, relatives and friends to get together.
People came together to celebrate religion, sharing family traditions and just being together.
Today's society put a lot of financial burdens and habit of financial tasks on parents. The
TV has become or biggest problem in that it advertises all of the latest toys, games and
gadgets, this causing us to change our family values and priority of habit. Basically it is
essential to have a good habit on balance time and commitment for both personal well
being and career.
For better habits are to achieve of quality life, it is necessary for people to have
enough free time for personal fulfillment and appreciation. Many people have bad habit
which often stay up lately in the nights and work in their offices or other places where they
work. That habit needs to be changed, finish job on time, not keep working until they
finish their tasks. They can finish the tasks on the next day. That will help people to have
good habit to finish job on time which let them to have more time to do what they want to
do on their own time and with their families. Often time people do not recognize their
spoiled habits have developed since they start to work too much. The problem that is
people do not think twice how much they have changed with that spoiled habit. It is
important to have plenty of free time for people to do on their own. Whereas they will
able to recognize how much fun they have while they are not doing work. The idea is to
get people's mind off work and let them relax and enjoy activities and recreation such as go
out with friends, watch movies, walks in the parks. Then, in turn, they can become much
more productive for their employers. They will become healthier, happier individuals. For
example, many marriages are ending in separation or divorce because he or she is always
working, thinking only about their job and other important things related to their career.
The focus should be on the person's values and family. That is believed to be effective for
people's overall well being.
When people have good timing habits. They will find many things to do with their
families and their