Is it Really?


English 1301.

05 November 2002

Extremely captivating saying, “land of the free, home of the brave”. Nevertheless, is America in actuality the land of the free? America is portrayed as a country where you can live your life in tranquility, where you are not told what to do or when to do it. Americans live their lives by government standards on a daily basis.

This quote can be seen as an ad populum fallacy. America is perceived to everyone as living the American dream, as being free as a whole as well as an individual. On the contrary, America is not everything that it is cut out to be.

People from all over the world come to America to live the dream that is ever so popular. They come to own their own homes, to live their lives according to their own standards and not someone else’s. They come to raise their families and do, as they desire. Is America still the dream that everyone strives to live? Are Americans still able to live their dreams? Everything that Americans vote for is so that the government can have more control over America. Government was put in place to protect, and bring order. Now, it seems that chaos and tyranny have replaced this. As Americans, freedom, and liberty are our birthrights, yet others still yearn for this freedom. Today, as terrorists besiege America, America rallies around their belief in freedom. Americans want to collaborate as one, yet they disagree on how the circumstances should be handled. Should America engage in battle and jeopardize so many lives? Or else should they sit on their hands and wait to be attacked yet again?


Government will pass a law whenever they feel the ever-growing desire to control another aspect of American lives. Americans pay taxes and complain about paying them, and then turn around and vote for another government official who wants to increase them. Americans are so set in the ways of the government that they cannot see what they are in actuality voting for. Every few years Americans vote to take more freedoms away. Every few years there is someone else preaching about the good that they intend to do for America. This is the American way.

Americans live their everyday lives as they please. They come and go as they please. They pay bills as they please. There is nobody telling them where to go, or when. Yet, America is getting closer and closer to having their lives controlled by the government. Taxes are not a choice they are a definite. Yet, Americans pay for people that do not have jobs. For the people that choose to take the easy way out of life, and let everyone else pay for their freedoms of this country. Some Americans choose to live their lives without jobs or homes, yet you can view a television show and see two commercials an hour about how we need to nourish the impoverished. The life that they lead was a choice that they made. They have no money, and Americans are told that they ought to provide for these people. Government takes money from Americans, yet they miss-place millions of dollars per year. Is this what the government is getting paid for? Is this what Americans work their whole lives for?

So, is America really “The Land of The Free”? Is America truly the country that everyone yearns to be a part of? This is Americans say everyday.