Is Gertrude a bad person, or as Hamlet would say “woman thy name is frailty”? No she is only looking out for her son. That is why she marries Cluadius. Throughout the play she only wants Hamlet to except Cluadius and be himself, but sadly she is in the dark about her husbands death only to find the truth in her own death.
Gertrude love’s Hamlet dearly and would do anything for him. That is why she marries so quickly because Hamlet, in his state of madness, is not ready to be king. Soon she finds out the remedy of marriage only makes things worse. So she tries to comfort Hamlet, but nothing seems to work.
Then Hamlet comes up with the idea of a play to bring out Cluadius. To Gertrude Hamlet seems happy, but than she sees the play. For the first time she starts to question Cluadius’s truthfulness. Sadly though the only good of the play was for Hamlet to believe his father’s ghost. Then Hamlet kills Aphelia’s father, she kills herself, and Hamlet, to his mother, is insane. Cluadius comes up with a plot to kill Hamlet in England. He tells Gertrude that it would do Hamlet some good to get away for awhile. Gertrude excepts because she only wants Hamlet to be normal again.
While Hamlet is gone things seem to go back to normal, and Gertrude puts any ideas of Cluadius behind her. Hamlet soon returns shocking the king because Hamlet was to die in England. Gertrude is amazed by the king’s behavior, but still refuses to believe Cluadius is evil until it is too late. The sword fight between Hamlet and Laertes is the final enlightenment of Gertrude. She drinks to Hamlet and soon realizes the drink is poisoned. She finally knows the truth.
Gertrude most likely had a feeling that Cluadius was bad the whole time. Sadly if she would have figured out the truth earlier and believed it Hamlet would still be alive. Her only fault is she cared too much for people and never could believe anyone to be bad. This doesn’t make her wrong for marring so early. She only wanted the best for Hamlet. Maybe fear of what would happen to her if she questioned Cluadius was her downfall? So, like any woman of the time she just stood by and watched. Only if she would have believed Hamlet she would of given him the strength to kill Cluadius sooner. Then only Cluadius would have died instead of everyone.