Irony in "The Interlopers"

Irony- The difference between what might be expected and what actually occurs. Irony happens in two
ways. One way is when the reader knows what will happen to the character. The other way is when
something happens different to what was being meant.

Example #1: "I’m caught in my won forest land," retorted Ulrich. "When my men come to release us, you
will wish, perhaps, that you were in a better plight than caught poaching on a neighbor’s land. Shame on
Function #1: " Ulrich claims the forest land his and thinks he can control all of it although it is actually
nature’s. The forest land is for animals to live and not for humans to be feuding over but to enjoy it. This
brings in the conflict. As the two are under the branches and trying to get out from under it they say that
their men will come before the other and save him then kill the other. As it turns out none of their men
come to save either of them. It was only a pack of wolves that came to them!

Example #2: "Are they your men?"
Function #2: The "men" they are referring to is the friends that will help them out from under the fallen
branches and save them. The conflict is that when they start to see one of their "men" it turns out to be
wolves that they have been calling to for help so they can save them. Before the wolves came they had time
to think it over and became friends and stopped feuding. Also you think that after they have become friends
they would continue long peaceful lives together as friends, but as the wolves come along and kill them
they do not.