Irene Kuhn

Irene Kuhn was born in New York City on a snowy, white winter day on

January 15, 1900. She was very bright. She quit school at the age of six-teen. She

quit to enroll in the Packard Business School. She graduated in seven months.

Then she got her first stenographic job at nine dollars a week. As you can see she

started out very small but that didn't discourage her. In the mid 1920's she

moved to Syracuse and got her first reporting job. The job she got was at The

Herald. She earned eight-teen dollars a week. Within two months she was given a

raise. She then earned twenty-five dollars a week. Her determination and

perseverance had won over her bosses. She was noted to be a very hard worker.

She only worked at the herald though for a year because she got homesick. She got

a job back at New York but she was let go due to financial problems with the

company. She then moved all the way to Italy to replace a reporter at the salary of

ninety dollars a month. She loved her job and didn't care where she had to go to do

it. She was very determined to succeed. After that job fell through she and a friend

moved all the way to Shanghai. When she arrived at Shanghai she only had 25

dollars to her name. Within only a few days she found a job with The Evening Star.

There she met her future husband. When they married she was almost late to her

own wedding because she was working on something for the paper. As I said before

she was very determined. At the wedding she was so poor she wore a four dollar

dress and a hat she borrowed off a friend. She was very poor. But she still tried as

hard as she could to make things work no matter what. They also never went on a

honeymoon because she had an article to finish. Irene had a baby and finally got

out of poverty. She want on to become a brilliant and famous reporter in her time.

She is an example to all that things will happen as long as you work hard for them.

She was an outstanding woman.