Iraq's Side

One of the items that has dominated the news for eight years is Iraq under Saddam. For years we have been bombarded with western propaganda about Iraq's non-compliance with UNSCOM (United Nations Special COMmision). We have heard about Saddam killing the Kurds and his ‘War Atrocities', we have heard about his hidden weapons of mass destruction.
He bombed Israel. He invaded Kuwait. By now we all hate Saddam Hussein. He is a dictator, a warlord, and a sadist. Right? Wrong. This image is false. Saddam may be psychotic but he is a competent leader with a legitimate objective.
The best analogy for Iraq's treatment is: Somebody steals your television (Kuwait). You take it back. Then the person comes along, beats you up and steals the television again(desert storm). Declaring you a threat to the community they demand to be let into your house to look around whenever they want(UNSCOM inspections). When you don't let them in they get a law passed saying that nothing may enter or exit your house(sanctions). Then they threaten to bomb your house. They also hire a gang to stand outside day and night(the US carriers in the Gulf).
Now that I have given an analogy to what happened in the past 50 years you can see why Iraq is angry. Thousands of Iraqi children die every day because the sanctions prevent them from getting the food and medicines that they need. This fact has been swept under the carpet by the UN Security Council because "Iraq is a threat to global security". For the record, Iraq does not have many weapons left nor the means with which to deliver them to western nations. Iraq never had an extensive weapons program and according to an UNSCOM report they only produced 3.9 tonnes of VX nerve gas in total. Western nations are may be using the ‘inspections' as an excuse to spy.
Ironically, even though the UN sanctions are hurting the people the UN has more relief workers than weapons inspectors, 151 and 103 respectively. This makes it look like the UN cares about Iraqi civilians. They don't. The relief workers are probably instructed not to do real work but to stand around and look official. What too many people are forgeting is that sanctions are hurting the people, not Saddam.
A very intelligent person that I know suggested the carrot and stick method of dealing with Iraq. Using this method you are rewarded with the carrot and punished with the stick. This is arguably the best way to deal with somebody. However, in the method employed by the UN there is no carrot but instead a battering ram. From news reports like "Attack now while support is strong" it seems that all that the US and UK want to do is bomb Iraq. In this ‘Global Age' many citizens of developed nations have grown weary of spending ungodly amounts of their tax dollars on the military. Leaders of western countries like weapons because it makes them feel powerful so they use people like Saddam to justify their enormous ‘defense' budgets.
The UN Security Council says that the sanctions are to make Iraq comply with inspections. In reality the sanctions are probably doing just the opposite. They make Iraq angry and that is the only reason that they have not to cooperate. The fact remains that over a thousand people die in Iraq every day because of malnutrition and sickness caused by the sanctions. This is in the name of global security. There must be another way. Could Saddam be so interested in killing people with his weapons? The United States has the world's largest stockpile of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons but that is not just cause for weapons inspections. Since when is the UN allowed to go into a country and disarm them? Could the western nations be using the Security Council to legitimize their foreign policy? The last time I checked the United Nations' purpose was to promote peace, not war. Now the US wants them to support bombings. The defense secretary himself said after US troops had stood down that "We remain poised to strike Iraq within two hours. We will continue to send forces to the Gulf". Now for the record the