Iraq Orders Turkey to withdraw

Jason Cary
February 18th

Iraq demanded Thursday that Turkey immediately withdraw its forces from northern Iraqi territory, where Ankara had sent troops to kill guerrillas that are with the leader Abdullah Ocalan that is currently being held in jail.

"The Iraqi government demands the Turkish government pull out its invading forces from inside Iraqi territories immediately and to stop repeating such practices which contradict the UN charter and principles of international law," a foreign ministry statement said.

I think that the statement appeared to be an angry reaction to the activities of Western warplanes that conducted their second day of plans this week to go into the no-fly zone in northern Iraq, which is coverd by the Turkish base Incirlik.

"What arouses astonishment is that the new Turkish invasion comes at a time when Ankara carried out high-ranking political talks with the aim of promoting and developing relations..." Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz had said.

The statement said Iraq rejects Turkey\'s so called "pretexts"...It (Iraq) deems the claim of chasing rebellious elements doesn\'t give it the right to violate Iraqi land and air territory.

Ankara had said, "We have the right to enter northern Iraq in \'hot pursuit\' of PKK rebels. It maintains a military presence in the mountainous enclave that is periodically reinforced for campaigns against PKK bases."

Personally I think that Iraq has nothing better to do in the mean time but make there country look tuff by not letting Turkey\'s forces catch the so

called rebels. But those actions are really saying, "Hey are u in trouble with the law? If so just come to our great country Iraq, no one will ever find you because we won\'t let them." I don\'t think the actions of Iraq where the greatest but then again I don\'t live there and know what is really going on.