Iran quake toll swells to 20,000

Sunday Freeman


In Tehran, Iran, on December 26, 2003 an earthquake took place. Since the time their was only five o’clock most of the population was sleeping, Because of this more people were killed. The death toll is now at 20,000 and some people say may double to 40,000. Another reason so many died is the houses there are made from mud bricks which break very easily and collapsed on many families who are now trapped.

Now the Iran people are using bulldozers and even their hands to dig up friends and family. Once they find some person that may be able to recover they bring them to a hospital on a stretcher or a car because most of the hospitals were ruined in the earthquake. Luckily the U.S. has sent the Iran people 150,000 pounds of medical supplies and equipment. The Iran government are putting up shelters for people that need it. 3,000 people have been recovered and buried including infants. This is a very disappointing matter for many people in the world.

I feel that this is very disappointing especially because we were just at war with that part of Asia. The amount of people that died in Asia last year was probably up in the thousands of people. I hope the death toll doesn’t double that would be very unfortunate. My opinion is that it is great that the U.S. is supplying medicine for Iran. If this keeps up we may be able to actually not have a lot of wars. I hope that the people in Iran are found and still alive.