Internet Speech Essay

Ladies and Gentlemen, adjudicator, chairman and fellow debaters. Firstly I would like to rebut the flaws in the opposition’s arguments.

The Internet is essentially a network of computers bringing together people from all over the world. Yet some of these people may not have the best of intentions.

Just like in the real world you must exercise caution when dealing with people and using the Internet. Because as we have proven the internet does cause more harm than good. This harm can be done in a number of ways, including unwanted or illegal pornography, financial loss, virus exploits and many more.

Our first speaker Renee defined the topic and covered issues such as:

*Internet Gambling

*Internet Banking

*Hacking and viruses

Our second speaker Tam has proven our case and argued equally important issues such as:

*The Chat Room danger

*Paedophiles and pornography


We have proven to you the dangers and harm done by the internet, but how can we control this unimaginable growth? The internet has no governing body through which laws and policies are enforced, so therefore has no hope of ever gaining control of this hectic system. What have we allowed to happen if teenagers can easily gain access to our government’s secrets? How can we stop predators from making contact with innocent children? And what advantage is there of having a computer if it can easily be destroyed by hackers?

One of the main reasons we are harmed by the internet is because we rely on it so much. What would happen if we suddenly could not reach someone or all the information for your business was compromised or lost? One part of the internet that is relied on greatly is chat rooms. People feel that they can only meet people on the internet. Our 2nd speaker Tam said I quote ‘There is always a chance one could be chatting with a murderer who is searching for his prey on the internet’ and sadly this is the truth. If Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman hadn’t been chatting on the internet to murderer Ian Huntley they most certainly never would have been killed. Surely this horrific crime which shocked a nation has to teach us that the internet has simply become a playground for murderers, rapists and paedophiles. A playground which we can no longer control!

I’d also like to quote Aldous Huxley. He said ‘Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards’. After hearing that I’d also like to ask you how we can continue to let the internet grow until what little control we may have had is lost.

In conclusion when did the internet simply become www? Worlds Worst Worry!