INTERNET CENSORSHIP IS EVIL. With its own individual evil it brings several “unaccounted for” abominations forth with it. They are like trails of mucus that a snail leaves behind it as it creeps across a path in some dank wood. Such monstrosities include the blocking of non-offensive sites on the internet bynefarious “filtering” software, the way that “filtering” software is unconstitutional, and the ennui and tedium that they cause.

National Organization for Women:
TIME Magazine:
Planned Parenthood:
Village Voice:
Banned Books Online:
Community United Against Violence:
Mother Jones magazine:
Feminist Majority Foundation:
Understanding Islam and the Muslims:
Ontario Center for Religious Tolerance:
Illinois Federation for Human Rights:
Envirolink: The Online Environmental Community:
Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights:
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The Safer Sex Page:
MIT Student Association for Freedom of Expression:
Institute for Global Communications:
National Coalition Against Censorship:
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Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development:
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The Vatican:
The Odyssey:
Jane Eyre:
The CensorWare Project:
Freedom Forum:

This is a list a FEW sites that are blocked by different types of “censorware” according to PeaceFire. Censorware is often called blocking software. This is exactly what it does. It blocks all sorts of web pages, whether they are offensive to the user or not. There is often a great difference between what one person finds offensive compared to what another finds offensive. A recent poll taken by the American Civil Liberties Union finds, according to hormones and blood pressure levels in test subjects, that many more people are offended by the word “spit” than are offended by the words “sex,” “crap,” “Gay,” or “lesbian.” This really astounded me and even made me laugh. However, when a company selling an internet censorship program goes out to make a study of the market, they include all of the things that offend anyone, plus the sites that get “accidentally blocked” like the Mars Explorer site. When a censorware program goes to open a page, it will first look through the page for any “offensive” words, like: censorware, whooo-boy more censorware, censorship, PICS, labeling, labelling, labels, labeling systems, ratings, rating systems, civil liberties, school, schools, library, libraries, first amendment, 1st amendment, free speech, freedom of expression, bill of rights, filter, filtering, blocking, banning, filterware,, safesurf, cyber patrol, cyberpatrol, cybersitter, net nanny, bess, websense, x-stop, rsaci, rsac, tools, censorware project, the censorware project, sims, tyre, finkelstein, mccarthy, haselton, wallace, freedom, liberty, review, report, reports, reviews, criticism, utah, or smartfilter. These are the keywords that a censorware program would find if it went to,, or The underlined words are those that are considered offensive by Cybersitter and Cyberpatrol blocking softwares (the kind that certain libraries use to protect people from “offensive material”). And of course, nudity and sexual text - unless declared legally obscene - are still protected by the Bill of Rights. Neither simple nudity nor sexual text can be banned by law, as the CDA experience has re-proven, but censorware is being used in public institutions which ban items solely for a single sexual word, or graphic, or for no reason at all. The irony of this is described by what an essayist wrote about his local library, “Even though they have three copies of my book on the shelves of this place, they don’t allow me to visit the web page for it, the web page about social disorder patterns in children!” That was a creative person speaking, not a pedophile or a child molester, or a “photo opportunist.”

Creative people should never be bored or have to drudge at stupid repetitive work. When this happens it means that they aren't doing what only they can do -- solve new problems. This wastefulness hurts everybody. Therefore, boredom and drudgery are not just unpleasant