Interest Groups

Since the beginning, the American government has been trying to make itself better. From racial equality, to helmet laws, reforms are always being introduced to law. Just recently major reform has been going on in the democracy we live in. For reform that is big it takes support and help from many people, especially the interest groups and lobbyists. Major reform has been taking place in the health care industry and has to do with the president Clinton’s health care reform and the attempt to provide universal health care for all. Evan though the presidents bill never happened, reform was put into motion. Interest groups were started and ideas flowed. These interest groups are one of the main reasons that many bills and reform laws pass or don’t pass. These groups determine a lot of what happens and goes on in American politics. So for a political leader to bring about major change or reform, they must be able to satisfy, utilize, and win the support of interest groups in American politics.
Today health care is a major part of society and the economy. Health care is an 800 billion-dollar a year industry and it is still growing rapidly. With the industry growing so rapidly, why is the number of uninsured people growing as fast. “By 1992 the number of uninsured had risen to 38.9 million, up 4.2 percent from 1989; and that was 17.4 percent of Americans under sixty-five. Another 40million Americans were, moreover, underinsured, because their policies provided little protection in the event of serious illness."” Pg. 25 Boomerang, Skocpol. These results are just examples of the rise in and ever increasing rate of uninsured people. With such an effect in society, health care is a major topic in politics, and is addressed frequently. Health care is going in the wrong direction; it should be there for everyone. With it being such a big industry, this many people should not be uninsured. It is time to change what direction the industry is going in.
The constitution of the United States was written so that change can and will occur. Now with this in mind it means that if the basis for our country can go through and experience change then everything else has the capability. Many things have been changed, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, etc, and more have been attempted but failed. Heath care is something that needs to experience some change. Every person in the world should have health care. In European countries, the majority of them have a type of governmentally guaranteed healthcare which all persons are able to have. Even Canada has a national health insurance. The U.S. is behind when it comes to health insurance.
Finally with some change and much deliberation, the U.S. entered the health care scene. “The U.S. Government entered the health care financing picture in a big way only in the 1960’s. In 1965, while Lyndon Johnson was president at the height of liberal-democratic influence in Congress and public opinion, the United States, instituted Medicaid to provide insurance coverage for the very poor, especially mothers and children, along with Medicare to finance health care for all elderly Americans sixty-five years old and over.” Pg. 21 Skocpol. These attempts were the beginning steps to getting a national health insurance. Many hoped and thought the national health insurance would soon follow. But this was not to be. It will be many years before the idea of health care gets surfaced and a national health care is implemented.
In the year 1993 Bill Clinton gave a speech that stirred up and created a campaign winning issue. The Clinton administration brought up the ideas and issues of health care. In 1993 he made a well-received health care speech that probably set him up to win the presidency. This speech entailed how he was going to make a national health care program without raising taxes if elected to office. He gave the ideas that he will present a program that is going to give every single American health care and how it will not cost much. The people have been waiting for someone to do this for a while. These people put their faith and trust into him to carry out what he said that he was going to