India and Kashmir

September 23, 2003

Poli Sci 120

For the past four decades, the UN has been concerned with conflicts between Pakistan and India over Kashmir. In August of 1947 Indian and Pakistan gained their independence from Britain. After the Indian Independence act of 1947 Kashmir was free to accede with ether country. Kashmir’s decision to accede with India became a matter of dispute between India and Pakistan. In many ways the Pakistani people felt cheated out of Kashmir, which gave cause to their revolts for control. This dispute is still active today.

In New York on September 23, Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf pointed out that Kashmir is under the act of state terrorism. He views the Indian government as a factor of the domination of Kashmir. Musharraf continued harassing the Indian government at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday by indicating that the

“Freedom struggle with terrorism is a travesty. The UN must promote a solution for Kashmir, as they did for East Timor, on the basis of UN resolutions. The international community must persuade India to end its repression in Kashmir and resume a dialogue with Pakistan. We are ready for dialogue. Now it’s India’s call. It should respond positively.” He felt like he was experiencing a “zero sum return” from India.

US lawmaker and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Richard Sibal spoke on the behalf of India when he mentioned that “ if there has been zero return the problem is because there as been zero investment by Pakistan. Pakistan has exhausted all its capital in promoting terrorism and what they should be getting is a negative return.” He saw the situation from a different perspective. Sibal strongly belied that if the funds could be redirected from terrorism to peace, the Pakistan government could then expect “dialogue” from India. New Delhi has mentioned that they are willing to begin a “dialogue” with Pakistan as soon as Islamabad stops supporting terrorist groups in Kashmir.

While both sides have good arguments as to why they should claim Kashmir, the country remains disputed. Human rights violations and acts of terrorism are still reported daily. The acts of the Pakistani presidents, in many ways are making the Indian government look dire and attract media attention. The UN has no choice but to intervene in this situation. A “dialogue” between the two countries could resolve major conflicts, but certain aspects of social response hold them back.

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