Increasing rivalry with the other imperialist powers and brutal
exploitation of the economically weaker, more backward peoples -- these two
features characterize the foreign policy of United States imperialism at

Wall Street's dollars and marines are extending their domination over ever
greater sections of the world. Wherever there is a revolutionary upheaval
United States imperialism is on hand and ready to crush it. United States
imperialism is in a conspiracy with Great Britain against the Russian
revolution. It cooperates with Japan and England in the interventions
against China. United States imperialism supported Great Britain in her
infamous Nanking policies, and it now supports Japan in her ruthless
intervention in Shantung. All talk about the United States as the "friend of
China" is mere babble in view of the fact that America supports Japan's
domination over Manchuria in order to protect her own vast financial
investments there. Japanese intervention in China today promotes the
striving of the United States for financial hegemony in the Far East.
American-British-Japanese cooperation in the dismemberment of China includes
at the same time growing possibilities of a clash between the rival
interests of these three leading imperialist powers on the Pacific. United
States warships and thousands of marines are "pacifying" China, and
Washington admits that Admiral Bristol is empowered to call out the whole
Pacific fleet against China if United States imperialist policy requires it.
The conquest of the tremendous Chinese market is in a growing degree one of
the foremost aims of United States imperialism. United States imperialism
goes hand in hand with Japanese imperialism in Shantung against the armies
of Chiang Kai-Shek, but at the same time its representative, Admiral
Bristol, cooperates with Chiang Kai-Shek in crushing Soviet Canton,
suppressing all revolutionary movements of the Chinese workers and peasants.

The military dictatorship of United States imperialism is exercised more
ruthlessly than ever before over the Philippines, Hawaii, Porto Rico, the
Panama Canal Zone and the Virgin Islands. Cuba, Haiti, Panama and Liberia
are today reduced to vassal states of United States imperialism. The
independence of all the Caribbean and Central American republics has become
nothing more than a tragic farce in view of their increased bondage to Wall
Street. The Havana Conference, which was called in the name of
Pan-Americanism, was only the instrument of United States imperialism. The
Monroe Doctrine, which once served as a defense against European powers, is
today the most aggressive means to conquer all America for the United
States. The pressure of Wall Street forced Mexico to surrender her oil and
land resources to dollar imperialism. The appointment of Morrow, the
employee of Morgan, as United States Ambassador to Mexico exposes the whole
Latin-American policy of the United States as the policy of finance capital
and big business. The fake "good will" flights of Colonel Lindbergh tried to
exploit the sentimental illusions of the North American masses for the
conquest of Latin America. Large parts of Central and South America have
already been reduced to a state of semi-colonies of United States
imperialism, and Wall Street and its White House agency are trying to
transform them into true colonies.

The most disgraceful action of United States imperialism is its robber war
against Nicaragua. President Coolidge disclosed in his speech of the 10th of
January, 1927, the true meaning of the Nicaraguan war: "If the revolution in
Nicaragua continues, American investments and business interests will be in
danger." The infamous, bloody crusade against Nicaragua is as naked an
imperialist profit-war as any ever conducted.

United States imperialism cooperates with British imperialism against China,
against Soviet Russia, against Nicaragua; but at the same time there is a
murderous competition and increasing imperialist rivalry between the two
robber powers. There is hardly any part of the world in which there is no
open or covert struggle between British and American imperialism. United
States imperialism is breaking up the British Empire by catering to Canada
and Australia. United States imperialism has successfully challenged Great
Britain's financial hegemony. There is a permanent rubber struggle and oil
war going on between America and Great Britain. The fiasco of the
Three-Power Naval Limitation Conference in Geneva and the American slogan
for a "second to none" navy show the irreconcilable nature of this
imperialist antagonism.