In today's world of births and deaths, who is to say, we are reponsible for what happens to us. Who says we are what we are because of our environment and socialization. Could it be true tat we are reponsible?

I really don't have a answer to this question of if we are responssible or not, but personally, i think we are. Our socialization with peers, family, and social groups affects our outcome of what will happen to us,, not saying that if you deal drugs that you can't get out of it,, but majority of the people whp get caught in such a common practice in today's new generation, that it is safe to say your chances of dying are higher when you are in that type of environment where run the danger of being killed or arrested.

My report, on personal values and beliefs is associated with my experiences with drugs and crimes, and from this report, i have done my observations from my own neighbourhood, from the time when i was dealin to now,, and it is a growing practice among teens, and it will not stop until one of the teen socialization agents starts to become a influence on their decisions, because i was only safed by family and for me i changed my thinking.. and hopefully i have changed yours, i Doubt it/////