In the novel, The Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, there were many public and private scenes that took place with Hester Prynne, Pearl, Rev. Dimmesdale, and Roger Chillingsworth.
The first public scene that took place was the first scaffold scene. She was just let out f prison and had to serve three hours of public punishment. There were many puritans gathered around the scaffold calling her a hussy. Hester, proud and beautiful emerges from the prison door to make her semblance. She holds her baby in her arms and embroidered on her rainment , was a scarlet letter "A", that stood for adultery. She dreams about her past life before committing her sin. Hester painfully realizes her present position of shame and punishment.
The second great public scene was at The Election day sermon, where Dimmmesdale makes a great speech. Rev. Dimmesdale who was quite ill, preached about sin and sinners. He also was a sinner. He was Pearl's father, Hester Prynne's daughter. He has a antipathy towards himself. After he made his great speech and the Puritans start going towards the church. Rev. Dimmesdale calls everyone back. He was very sick and about ready to die when he called Hester and Pearl to the scaffold. The Puritans were racing with perturbation . He turns to the crowd and cries out his sin. He declares that on his breast he bears the sign of his sin. He falls down on the scaffold where Hester then cradles him. Dimmesdale turns to pearl and gives her a kiss and in his dying words was said "Praised to be his name! He will be done! Farwell." Then he laid quiescent and died.

The first private scene is when Hester was back in her prison cell, when the physician came, known as "Roger Chillingsworth, Hester realizing that this man is her husband . She feels very unwonted around him. The two of them sit and talk intimatley and sympathetically, each accepting a measure of blame for the situation which developed. He asks for his identity to be kept a secret, and promised not to do any harm to he lover or to make him abash. If she fails to keep silent she shall fear her lovers safety.
The second private scene is the second scaffold scene with Dimmesdale, Hester, and Pearl. At night, Dimmesdale goes to the scaffold while the town is sleeping and cries out his sin. After he his done crying out, he notices Hester ans Pearl returning from Governor's Winthrops deathbed. They mount the scaffold and the three stand hand-in-hand. Hester and Dimmesdale are linked together by Pearl, the audacity of their love and the symbol of their sin. Then the three notice Roger Chillingsworth , who tells them he was just passing by and then leads Rev. Dimmesdale home. The next day, The sexton startles the minister and returned one of his black gloves he dropped on the scaffold the night before.
The last private scene is in the forest. Where Pearl, Hester, and Dimmesdale meet. Hester wanted to tell Dimmesdale, Chillingsworth real identity. Upon learning that Dimmesdale spent the night in a Indian village, Pearl and Hester went to meet him at the forest. Hester and Pearl waited until Dimmesdale pass by. Dimmesdale comes by the path, looking haggard and feeble, and with the aid of a staff, moving listlessly as though he has no purpose or desire to live. He holds his hand over his heart.

When Hester called out to him he looked astonished by her voice. They sit down and talked about if they had found peace. They talked very torrid toward each other and she announces Roger Chillingsworth true identity to him. Rev. Dimmesdale was mad and did't understand how she could let Chillingsworth victimize him like that. Begging for forgiveness she asks him to leave Boston with her and start a new life together, as a family. He accepts her offer and plans to leave after he preaches The Election Day Sermon.
The book was based on several great public and private scenes. Hester Prynne nad Arthur Dimmesdale had an immemorial love towards eachother and that is what makes The Scarlet Letter a great romance novel.

By: Khristina Passwaters
Noember 24, 1998
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