In the novel, Great Gatsby, the main character also dedicates his
life to achieving his goals. Yet with this story, the lead character
is not fighting for survival, but for the love of a girl. Gatsby,
the lead character, is truly dedicated to winning the heart of
Daisy, who he has lusted after for many years. He changes his whole
lifestyle to win her, including becoming rich, and throwing parties
nightly in the hope that Daisy will come to his home. Yet, all he
achieves and works for is dashed when Daisy leaves with another man.
The truely sad part of the novel is that despite his riches and '
parties where everyone seems to enjoy themselves, it is all a
deception, for at his death only Nick, his one true friend, and
Gatsby's father come to his funeral. The life lesson that can be
taken from this book is, if you don't succedd at first, try agiain
until you accomplish your task, but within reason. Gatsby becomes
to dedicated to his task, and ironically, it is Daisy and her
killing an aquittance of Gatsby that leads to the early death of