In The Boy Who Could Fly, the boy's "flight" symbolizes an escape

from the realities of his life. Both Eric and Millie "flew away" because

they needed to be free from the suffering that the tragedies of their lives

have caused.

First I will tell you about Eric's major tragedy that he has suffered

from throughout his life. When Eric was just five years old both of his

parents were killed in a airplane crash. After his parents death Eric stopped

talking and he became very autistic. He spent a lot of time sitting in his

window with his arms spread pretending to be a airplane. Sometimes he

would also go on top of his roof and balance on the edge and pretend to be

like a airplane. Eric's uncle Hugo became his guardian but he had a serious

drinking problem. One day Child Services came to check on Eric and Hugo

was very drunk so Child Services took Eric away from his house. While

Eric was at the home he became very sick, the doctors said he was dying so

they sent him back to live with his uncle. After a week or so Eric got better.

Eric could not accept the death of his parents so he "flew away" or got his

mind off of his parents death by pretending to be like a airplane.
Next I will tell you about the major tragedy that Millie McMichaelson

has suffered from throughout her life. One day her father was at the doctors

and he found out the most terrible news of his life. The doctors told him

that he was diagnosed with cancer. He did not want his family to suffer

because of his disease and hardships. So one night he wrote his wife and

kids a letter telling them how much he loved them and telling them goodbye.

Then he came home left the letter their gave his wife a kiss and hug. Then

he gave Millie and Louis both a kiss and a hug then he left. After he left the

house he committed suicide so his family and himself would not have to

suffer. Millie also had to deal with moving away to a different city. Millie

could not accept her fathers death so she "flew away" by telling herself and

pretending that her father really just died of cancer. I think Eric and Millie

became good friends because they had a lot in common and Millie

understands the pain and suffering that Eric is going through.

In conclusion in The Boy Who Could Fly Eric and Millie both had

very painful loses throughout their lives that they suffered from severely.

Both of them had different ways of not thinking about their loses and in this

Composition I have told you about them.