In The Bed With Bill

It is no secret, to us or the rest of the world as we know it, that the president of the United States, Bill Clinton, is no stranger to criticism. All of our presidents have been no stranger to it, but none have been quite as familiar with it as he. Perhaps the reason is, Bill Clinton is nothing short of a womanizer, a hypocrite, and a sexual assaulter. With the nation giving him the nickname "Slick Willy," early on, I assume he felt as though he need not let his country down, and he hasn't. He has not only survived the public backlash for his immoral actions, strangely enough, he seems to have prospered. People seen to not only except his actions, but agree with them.
Since the start of his career in politics, he has taken advantage of his high status by thinking himself invincible, and making passes at everything that walks. He does not even seem to have the decency to keep it behind closed doors. He has hugged his victims in public, worn their presents, and given them gifts. It is sad to see that someone that runs our country, "the most powerful place in the world," is so ignorant. Actually, he is not ignorant for leaving so much evidence behind in his affairs. How can he be? Nothing ever comes of them anyway. He gets whatever or whoever he wants, whenever he wants it, and his spin-doctors work their magic. They turn the women into a big fat bimbo, and him into an innocent bystander who was only trying to help out, all with the wave of their dirty little magic wands.
"As long as the country is doing well what does it matter who the president is sleeping with?" How many times have we heard that? It does matter to those of us who have a sprig of morality. Granted the media does overdo it, but what don't they overdo? With of Clinton's sandals, the country is not doing well, the rest of the world can see that we are vulnerable and wide open for attack.
It all began with Paula Jones, Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas, and he allegedly exposed himself to her. She took it to court. This was not that big of a deal until all the other women came out with their stories. Gennifer Flowers was having an ongoing sexual affair with the president, before he was even called the president. There is evidence that he was trying to talk her into saying it never happened if she was ever asked by authorities. Two down and who knows how many more to go. Then came Monica Lewinsky an intern who confided in a much older women, Linda Tripp, who taped all of their phone conversations, and later turned her in. Monica seems to have had a strange obsession with the president, according to the Clinton team. The problem is, they are just a little to used to attacking Billy boy's accusers. The dilemma faced by the president, is that his team has become to dependent on cover-up, obstruction, delaying tactics, and buying off whoever it takes to make it go away. In the Lewinsky matter they made themselves look like contradicting fools. If Monica is as ditzy, neurotic and sex-obsessed as they say she is, why was she given clearance of top secret materials in the White House, and in the Pentagon? Of course the man who actually does the running of our country is all of the above.
Clinton and his legal team, which has grown from 3 members in 1992 to 34 members in 1998, have been exposed by the media. The nations top news magazines, and shows have showed that Clinton is making constant cover ups. Also that he will stop at nothing, no matter how merciless, to clear his name. Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones, who were both bashed by the White House, have received some sympathy and credibility for their stories. When it came to Monica, Clinton claimed that she had become close friends with his secretary, Betty Currie. I see, it was obviously the 58-year-old secretary known for her dignity and discretion, who enjoyed the company of an airhead who thought she was having a highschool