In simplest language technology is good. It has added many conveniences to our lives. Because of it most tasks can now be completed much faster. It has revolutionized a great number of industries. It has dramatically increased agricultural yields. Huge medical advancements have been made due to technology. It has given birth to a worldwide network. Without technology we would still be in the dark ages.
In the dark ages they cooked their food over a fire. Now we throw our macaroni and cheese into a microwave and ninety seconds later we have dinner. Our homes are filled with conveniences that we take for granted. Our kitchens are equipped with refrigerators, toasters, dishwashers, garbage disposals, trash compactor, microwaves, and water purifiers. We have toilets, hot water heaters, efficient heating and cooling systems, television and CD players, that all add convienience to our everyday lives. These advances in technology enable us to perform many tasks much faster and efficiently.
Getting from one place to another used to be quite the feat. Now we have automobiles, aircraft, powerboats, subways, submarines, trains, and even spaceshuttles to move us from one place to another.
In communications we moved from smoke signals and drums to cell phones, Fax messages, e mail, and overnight international package delivery. Video phones, and satellites enable us to visit with people on the other side of the earth as easily and clearly as if they lived next door.
We used to have to buy our vegetables from the guy next door. Thanks to flash freezing, modern packaging plants, refrigerated shipping and other improvements in food productions we now enjoy pineapple from Hawaii and other delicacies from all over the world. The development of disease resistant plants, hydroponics, innovative farm practices and modern farming equipment have increased yields, variety, and productivity of agricultural products.
We have increased personal productively as well with my favorite aspect of technology, the personal computer. With the development of the PC came the world wide web. This massive worldwide network allows anyone who can use a keyboard and mouse to access any type of information.
The information that physicians have available to them has improved and extended our lives. We benefit from antibiotics, blood screenings, new surgical procedures, replacement body parts and numerous other advancements.
Such advancements are exactly why I think technology is a good thing. The conveniences it provides allow us to be comfortable and more efficient. Traveling is easier and global communication is now common place.
We enjoy fruits and vegetable grown on less acreage with less disease that can be safely transported to distant locations. The PC has revolutionized learning and communication of all types. Medical advances allow us to enjoy life for longer and take advantage of all these great technological advancements that are available to us. It is only going to keep getting bigger and more interesting. Technology is not just good. Technology is great!