In reading passages from A Narrative of her Captivity, many colonial people

found interesting facts about Mary Rowlandson, her way of life and her suffering being

held captive by indians. Sarah Kemble Knight, however, tells a different story in her

journal. The Journal of Madam Knight shows you another side of life in colonial

america. Yet, as you read these stories, many similarities can be found.

"I have thought since of the wonderful goodness of God to me in preserving me in

the use of my reason and senses in that distressed time, that I did not use wicked and

violent means to end my own miserable life." (P.26) was quoted from Mary Rowlandson.

In becoming sad and depressed, she put all her faith in God. Knight did the same in her

response to danger, whenever she felt anxious or began to dwell or become afraid.

Both women also had to surmount difficulties and terrible sufferings.

Rowlandson lost a child, and Knight had to cross a rough narrow river, with a constant

fear of falling off the horse and drowning. The bible kept Rowlandson going, and both

put thier faith in God to overcome thier hardships.

Food was another big issue as well. Being where they were, and under the

conditions there, food was scarce and both had to fight for survival. "And what little

cabbage I swallowed served me for a cud the whole day after." (P.32) Knight said. Since

she was simply traveling wherever she found food she ate it, very pickily though.

Rowlandson had to beg for food, being held captive by indians, she ate everything she

could find.

Mary Rowlandson constantly relied in God, through the better times and the bad.

She was a constant believer in her faith. Sarah Kemble Knight talked of her faith only

once, when she was crossing a river, yet you know that she was also relying on faith in

God as well.

The two remarkable women talked about in this essay have lived interesting lives

and have overcome hardships and troubles. Using thier faith in God, Mary Rowlandson

and Sarah Kemble Knight triumphed over thier struggles and came out stronger in the