In November 1997 at Owensboro River Parks Center of Arts performed a show sponsored by the Mexican government called the "Ballet Gran Folklorico De Mexico." This show featured talented singers, dancers, musicians, and actors. This performance tradition was based on the history of Mexico. Arts taken from ancient Aztec and Inca rituals to modern Mariachi.
At the show they started by introducing them as a group and began there series of plays. They did this without introducing each skit as it went on. All together they performed around 9 skits.
I have a few points I would like to point out. I did not like how they did not tell what each performance was going to be about before they did it. It was confusing and unorganized. The shows were boring any way. There were a few things I enjoyed (when I knew what was going on) but most of the time I just had to pinch myself to keep from falling asleep. The performers looked good but the way I see it is anyone who does not have a good meaning of Mexican history is lost. I mean there were elementary schools there, do you think they knew what was going on?
All the performances consisted of 1: Azteca - Ceremony of the lighting of fire, 2: Ladanza De Los Queteales- dedicated to multicolor bird named Quetzal, 3: Festompanortena- series of dances brought by French and Spaniards, 4: Yucaton- dances of Mayan culture, Ana Murry a.k.a. "The dances of Ribbons." 5: Danzas Chiapanaces- dances deal with love, suffering, and joy, 6: Fandango- performed during feast of Patron Saint, also includes "Labamba" where couple ties a bow with their feet, 7: Donzolapuna- depicts legend of dance of feathers, dance showing history of the takeover of Mexico by Cortez over the leader Montazuma, 8: Ladanza Delvonado- dance of deer. Hunters chase deer with rattles until animal gets so tired it can't fight back anymore. It represents the eternal fight between good and evil, 9: Jalisco- series of dances accompanied by the famed Mariachis band. This series of dances includes famous Mexican hat dance.