In my Social Problems class, we were assigned the task to read a article about
binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined as four drinks in a sitting for a woman and five
for a man. Binge drinking also risks your health and well-being. This article elucidates
on the areas of parties, post-exam-celebrations, and fraternity and sorority mixers. These
events cause students to lose control of their life. Whether if it is skipping class to
drinking so much that you get sick or die. This article offers many opinions from
students across the nation; some of these expressions are the following: “I get real wasted
on weekends”, or others yelling at others “chug!, Chug!, Chug!”. But, these are the same
people who end up dead; ad did Benjamin Wynne, with a 0.588 blood alcohol content.
Each week in America, undergrads drink the equivalent of six million gallons of beer;
with the percent of drinkers on the rise.
With the percent of drinkers on the rise; this causes a big concern with campus
officials, community members, and concerned parents. Some campuses across the nation
have already set up alcohol free dorms; as did Michigan’s main campus Ann Arbor.
Also, across the nation fraternity’s are turning alcohol free. Even with these positive
actions there is still a lot to worry about. One of these worries is the safety of the
students, if many students suffer or die, this may cause the school to “look bad”. Parents
may discourage their kids to go to a school like Wisconsin; which is currently number
two on the party list. This means the school would loose money, students, along with
their pride and respect.
I personally think that binge drinking is a very riskfull behavior. I am not for it,
but at the same time I am not against it. I think people should use a little common sense
while they plan their evening. For instance, space out your alcohol intake, or have a sober
friend monitor you. This friend would make sure you don’t drink too much, along with
your safety.
In conclusion, binge drinking is like playing with fire, someone is going to get
hurt. This activity also has many consequences. Some of these are good while the
majority are awful. One of the good ones is socializing, while getting sick, failing
classes, and death round out the bad ones. So, the decision is up to you, if you respect
your body, and want to accomplish all you can in life; you can say “no” or just use a little
common sense while you drink.