In my opinion historical change is due to revolution.One deffinition of revolution isa group of successive events or changes. Revolution has veen the cause of historical changtes since the beginning oof time.
Revolutions have been fought for many different reasons. In the early 1500's, religion was a main issue of change. Catholicism wss the accepted religion but many people didn't agree with the catholic doctrine. People such as Martin Luther started a movement that would seperate from the catholic church and became Lutheran. The Lutheran belief was that you were not saved through good works, but through faith in the promises of God. This belief was the chief guide to religious truths for all Protistants. Between 1521 and 1525, Luther's religious movement became a revolution. In 1555, after many religious wars, the division of Christianity was formally acknowledged when Lutheranism was granted the same legal rights as Catholicism.
Revolution came in many forms. The Scientific Revolution brought many different changes. The idea that the sun not the earth was the center of the cosmos was a dramatic change in the way people viewed their place in the universe.
Invention such as the telescope and microscope made new scientific discoveries possible. The printing press was a very important discovery that made it possible to spread ideas far and wide.
Astronomy, mechanics and medicine were the areas that were affected the most during the scientific revolution. It was proven that the planets and the moons revolved around the sun in circular orbits. These discoveries were made possible due to new mathematical theories of Copernicus and Kepler. Newton's universal law of gravity was essential to the historic changes in mechanics and the way the motion of the uniberse was now observed.
Medicine was another area that changed significantly. Human anatomy was now viewed differently because the human body was now being disected to examine individual organs and the general structure of the human body, until William Harvey discovered that the heart and not the liver was the beginning point of the circulatory system of blood in the body.
The French Revolution was trying to create a new kind of state and a new kind of society. One of the ways they did this was with the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen. This declaration stated taht men are born and remain free and wqual in rights, that government must protect there natural rights and that political power is derived from the people.
Many new philosophies or ideologies such as liberalism and nationalism were starting to come into their own because of the French and American Revolutions. The Industrial Revolution was based on the liberal concept of lassez-faire and the belief the state should not interfere with the concepts of supply and demand.
Nationalism did not become a pupular force until the French Revolution and then it was more cultural rather than political.
The Industrial Revolution changed life for human beings dramaticaly. New sources of energy and power such as coal and steam, replaced wind and water. Machines were created that decreased the use of human and animal labor and increased productivity. Farming was no longer the largest employer, factories had now taken their plaace. The building of large factories caused mass movement of peopll\e moving from the country to the cities. The way we live out lives and react to other people was changed greatly because of the Industrial Revolution, impersonal coexistence replaced the traditional intimacy of rural life. These are some of the examples why I feel historical changes was due to revolution not evolution.