In Merced Community Medical Center, October 4, 1983, Joey

Silva was born. Named after his grandfather, Joey was brought on to

this earth by Mike and Diana, his father and mother.

Joey's first memory was riding along with his grandfather on a

tractor. At age four, Joey attended Fruitland Preschool, then moving on

to Saint Anthony Catholic School. Now at Atwater High School, Joey

hopes to continue on to Notre Dame University, home of his favorite

college football team and Oakland Raiders wide reciever, Tim Brown.

Now age fifteen, Joey lives with his father, an employee of the

Department of Fish and Game; his mother, principal of Saint Anthony

School; his sister, Katie; and his two cats. The Silva family resides in

Atwater, California, where they have lived for the entirety of Joey's life.

He spends his free time on the golf course with his friends, riding his

bicycle, listening to oldies and country music, or watching his favorite

television show, Who's Line Is It Anyways?(a personal favorite of my


He has a true love for golf, and would spend all of his time on the

course, if given the opportunity. He reads a wide variety of golf-related

magazines, and his currently reading a book on improving his mental

game, a very important part of the game. Even one of his most

embarassing moments occured on the course, the putting green to be

exact, where one of his fellow team mates pantsed him.

As a future profession, Joey wishes to be a groundskeeper,

something that he enjoys. Joey and his father show many

resemblances to each other, one is that they both like to yell and each

day Joey feels that they become more and more alike.

In conclusion, my interview with Joey Silva gave me the

opportunity to meet him and get to know him at a higher level. I,

personally, find that he is a very interesting person, thus ending my

breif look at the life of Joey Silva.