In June of 1776 a man by the name of Thomas Jefferson drafted a document to alleviate our great nation from the oppression of Great Britain. At the age of 33 Jefferson was one of the youngest members of the Second Continental Congress, but still he held a great responsibility, to break the bonds between a small and weak group of 13 colonies from the largest and strongest empire of that time. Jefferson was from the southern colony of Virginia, he was well educated as both a student and gentleman. At age 17 he entered the College of William and Marry, where he continued his studies of math, science and classical literature. After College Thomas went to study Law, by the year 1767 Jefferson had become an active lawyer in the courts of Virginia. In 1768 Jefferson got his first taste of politics as a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses;
which would help lead up to his involvement in the political side of the American revolution. Then on June 21, 1776 Jefferson received a seat on the Continental Congress, soon after Jefferson was unanimously elected by a Committee to draft the Declaration of Independence.
Jefferson Took to work at his desk in the attic of a brick layer's house where he was staying while in Philadelphia. As a distinguished writer Jefferson knew just what needed to go into his document, he took the feelings of the people of the 13 colonies and put them into his words. He addressed the reasons for our independence, which he listed in a set of complaints to the King of England, even though Jefferson knew that the king did not cause some of the problems the people were facing himself but were caused by Parliament. However Jefferson knew that the common American Citizen did not understand complex British politics. He did know that the people understand grievances pointed at the king instead of an assembly which they did not fully understand the powers held by these group. Also the common thought of a king is that he is a supreme ruler when in fact, in more recent monarchies outside of the feudal system they have very little power and just a lot of prestige.
On July 2nd 1776 The declaration of Independence was voted on and signed by the Second Continental Congress of the United States of America. It was a great step forward in American history because before this the colonies had asked nicely for change, although some rebellious activities had taken place no centralized strong demands had been made at change which is why this such a strong move. when they did not get the changes they wanted they simply declared their independence. The idea that makes this so revolutionary is not that we broke the political bonds with a nation but that we broke bonds with such a great nation which showed our desire to be independent. The declaration of independence is the greatest display of American bravery in the history of our country, and was written to secure the freedom of the people of this nation forever and ever.