In it's final years, the Roman Empire suffered many problems. One reason that historians believed caused the fall of Rome, is the vast size of Rome's territory. Rome was rapidly growing for a long period of time, and defending new territories was difficult. Much money and time was being spent on defense and military purposes, which left less resources for other matters including education. This excessive over-spending on armed forces hurt the empire greatly, and helped contribute to it's fall. Another reason that promoted Rome's fall was urban decay. Many cities became overly-populous, leaving many people living in poor conditions and poverty. Danger would run wild, and there would be a constant danger of violence and theft. Finally, there was price inflation. Money became less valuable, due to rising prices. People began trading goods instead of using coins, or other monetary units. The economy would be in financial turmoil.

When the Roman Empire fell, it left us with many timeless achievement, one of which was the dome. The Romans were the first to accomplish this architectural feat, based on original "arch" construction. Capitol buildings, official buildings, and other structures still utilize the dome architectural style today.
The Romans also left us with the republican form of government, which allowed for a king who was elected by the people. The U.S. and other governments still follow this method (or part of this method) of rule.
Rome was the first to implement a basic road system; this allowed for faster, more streamlined travel, by layering rocks and rubble together. Roads are used today, just about everywhere. They are used for quicker travel (then dirt paths) and can even be used for easy navigation.
Rome's military was very spoiled, as Rome allocated much of it's money and priority to it. The Roman military was very well organized and well trained, in specifically-numbered groups. The U.S. army still organizes their troops as the Romans did- although today, no one is required to serve.
Ironically, Rome's possibly greatest accomplishment was a language that no one actively speaks today. Romans developed Latin as a standard language, and almost every language today is based on Latin. The very words we speak are modified Latin.

In the present-day, we are affected by Roman accomplishments in many ways. Almost every civilized country with law enforcement has a law system originating from Rome. Christianity was eventually declared the official religion of Rome, and is now a strong religion today. Canals are used to divert river water today, just as Romans used aqueducts over 2000 years ago. The famous Roman Empire has greatly affected life today; probably more than most people realize. The glory of Rome is indeed, not forgotten.