In evaluating our group, I would like to look first at the informational dimensions and show that I believe that we analyzed our problem (the drinking age) well by showing different views and opinions on the subject. I believe the group gave very good information and it was all documented with sources, which gave it credit. I also believe that our group was very opinionated which made for good discussion between each other and the rest of the class. I believe that throughout the speech we worked well together and that helped us do well in the speech. Overall, I believe that group was very good at showing its arguments and reaching some sort of conclusion and that made for a good speech.
In procedural and interpersonal dimensions, I believe that we functioned well as a group on a whole. At times we had difficulty getting together and sometimes it would be one or two of us missing because they were busy or forgot about the meeting or whatever other problems arose. Despite that problem, we handled the conflicts well and remained cooperative and a solid group. I believe the whole process of getting this speech ready showed us that it is sometimes difficult to match up schedules but you have to get through that and continue on course toward your goal.
As for individual evaluation I would say that in my group Amanda did an excellent job as the "leader" in trying to find time to get us together and organizing how the speech would run. I would give her an "A" for the work that she put in but obviously that is just my opinion. Steve and Holly also did excellent jobs in their positions of keeping alcohol at 21 or higher. I believe these two had the toughest job in the group because they had to convince a room of mostly underagers that alcohol is not for them and they did a great job of backing up there claims with information.
David did a good job on his argument, which is surprising, because he did not attend any of the meetings that we arranged and going into the speech, he had not practiced with us at all. Needless to say, we were not sure what he had in store for his presentation. However, he did a great job on his position and was very knowledgeable on the subject. As for myself, I would say that I did a good job on my portion of the speech. I did miss a couple of meetings but I made up for those by doing my research on my own and in general I knew what I was talking about and tried to sound as intelligent as possible. I do not believe I did an outstanding job but I think I did a good one. In general, I was very proud of our group's effort and thought that we did a commendable job on our presentation and hope you felt the same as an audience member.