In a world controlled by a higher power, constantly living in fear of doing or saying something wrong. Any unpure thoughts may make you
"disappear". Constantly being watched, and observed without knowing.A tele screen watching every facial expression and recording any
abnormal body language and movement every where you go. Even in your home there is no escape. Not able to get away or turn off the power
of the Telescreen and "Big Brother". This seems frightening but unknowingly it is possible that we all are being watched by the government or a "Big Brother" of sorts and may not even realize it. Through the front of your cable Tv box "Big Brother" may be peering into you room, receiving information about you through their fiber optic network. The wiring in your house may be being used as a listening device by the government to keep tabs on your plans, lives and business. Tapping of phone lines is easily done, people listening to your every word. Cameras and security devices are found every where you turn, under freeway underpasses to catch you speeding, and atop street lights to track your every move. Helicopters that are equipped with infrared and listening devices able to hear a mouse fart on the ground from 1000 ft up. Spy satellites able to take detailed photographs from space.The list is endless, there could easily be such a thing as "Big Brother" like in Orwells 1984. And if the right person wanted you to disappear they could easily do so with the technology available today. Technology has become so advanced that it could be possible to monitor your every move twenty four hours a day. My computer screen is recording everything I do as I write this and is sending the detailed information through my internet service provider straight to "Big Brother"! One could become very paranoid if they believed all this to be true. Do you think we will ever know for sure? Probably not.

Was there even such a thing as an outside world apart from Oceania? If you believed the government had fed you, which you had no choice in
doing, they constantly lead you to believe that there was. News of wars with Eastasia/Eurasia would lead you to believe there are other lands
outside of Oceania. There is public transportation via "the tube" but no means of Travel. This of course was not part of being a outer party
member. No leisure time is allowed. And vacations or travel outside of Oceania would be of course be forbidden and unheard of.

It may have been different years before the revolution, but there weren't many people left who's ideas were formed before the Revolution. "The older generation had mostly been wiped out in the great purges of the fifties and sixties, and the few who survived had long ago been terrified into complete intellectual surrender." (pg.74) So, in reality, these conditions may only exist in Oceania and not the rest of the world. The only solid evidence of an outside existence or people are the Eastasia/Eurasia prisoners bound in chains and transported by truck through the streets for all to see heading for who knows where. Are these even prisoners of war? Surely no one would ever be able to talk to them without being carted off themselves. These people may not even be prisoners of war at all, just the members of the outer party or proles that "disappear" every day due to "thought crime" or are thought to be dangerous and are sent off to die at the hands of Big Brother.

Oceania could possibly be a self contained country controlling its people and feeding them lies, they would never have any way of knowing
otherwise or any reason to think so. The rest of the world could be "free" and no one would be the wiser. Just toys in a game being played with and discarded at will being pushed around and controlled by a master hand from above. This reminds me of an episode of the "Twilight Zone" where a man wakes up to find himself in a world that looks familiar, and appears to be the same as it has always been, but everyone has disappeared. He cannot find another living soul. As it turns out, he