Improving Communicative Ability Via Internet

Internet use has been expanding at such an alarming rate in China that China now has 46million net users, compared with 8.9 million only two years ago. Chatting via Internet is very popular. Everyday there are thousands of people engaged in chatting via Internet. But to some people, they think that people who are chatting via Internet are those who are lonely and like the imaginary world. At the same time, there are events reported from time to time by newspaper or TV that people are chatted by the friends made through chatting via Internet. So more and more people think that chatting via Internet is harmful. But in fact, chatting via Internet can help us improve our communicative ability.

Internet provides us a wide range of topics and different kinds of person to talk with. We may all have the experience that we feel embarrassed when we talk with others, because we couldn’t find proper topic or what we said are not interested by others. Both sides feel boring and keep silence. What causes this situation? This is because we lack the communicative ability. And how can we improve this ability? We have not enough time and energy to look for others to chat with. While Internet provides us a good opportunity to talk with people from different area, belonging to different age stages, working on different domain. When we chat with these people via Internet, we can gradually learn how to call on others’ attention and cause the other’s interest. In one word, we can learn he art of language. At the same time, we can check whether what we said can cause the other’s interest directly. We can know directly that what we said are improper. Gradually we’ll learn the art of talking. We can improve our communicative ability without any consciousness.

At the same time, we can overcome our shyness via Internet and we can express our thoughts freely. This can help us to broad our train of thought. We can learn how to express our feelings with proper words and avoid misunderstanding.

Since communicative ability is very important to us. We should find all kinds of ways to improve it. Chatting via Internet is an effective way. But we should clear that chatting via Internet only a tool to express our feelings and improve our communicative, we shouldn’t take all our time on it and make friends through chatting.