Important Items

In the novel Of Nightingales that Weep by Katherine Paterson, the three items that have the most significance to the story are Takiko’s koto, hair comb, and rice.

I chose the Koto as an important Item because it is Takiko’s peace item, it calms her and it gets her the chance to play it for royalty. Usually, In Japan a koto is an instrument going anywhere from a flute to a violin. Royals even have servants that come and play music with kotos to calm them and entertain them.

The comb is also an important item in the story because all women in Japan do a lot to make them selves beautiful, including getting there hair combed which usually hurts very badly. In the beginning of the story it reads “The daughter of the samurai never weeps when her hair is being combed” even though it hurts very badly. Royals can even have gold combs with diamonds and engraves in them and special servants to comb their hair.

Rice plays a very important role in Japan as it is the most important crop. It is so important it is on the flag. Rice is the cheapest and the easiest crop to grow. Even though it doesn’t taste very good many people in Japan must eat it. There are many different types of rice including white rice, jasmine rice, and brown rice. All are popular in Japan.

That is why I believe those items have the most significance in the story. Although Japan is becoming popular with new technology, I think those items will always be popular.