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Each year the United States admits between 700,000 and 900,000 legal immigrants; additionally, the Immigration and Naturalization Service estimates that 5 million illegal aliens now live in the country, with 400,000 new illegal aliens settling here annually. This increse of legal and illegal immigration has caused the foreign population to double from roughly 5 percent in 1970 to 10 percent today. There are currently 27 million immigrants living in our country today, a fraction of which aremade up of illegal aliens. With each year comes more and more illegal immigrants into our country, and it is becomming a major problem which needs to be solved. A possible solution is to put a hold on immigration in order to allow assimilation to take place within our country.

There are many, perhaps too many, immigrants living in the united states today. With each year the number of immigrants grows, and it is quickly becomming a problem. If so many decide to immigrate to the U.S., it will eventually become too over-populated. Cities, for example, have had an incredible increase in population in the last decade largely due to the high ammount of immigration. And of course, with more people, more resources are required. This puts a major strain on our countries resources. Some say there is plenty of room in the U.S. to house these immigrants, but with crime rates increasing, and over 60% of the population favoring an immigration cut, it is now a matter of keeping this countries legally-born citizens happy.

A major concern with many americans is the chance that immigrants will take american jobs. This is true, no matter which job they take it is an american job. While it doesnt necessarily put many american citizens out of a job, it does make americans look bad for having an immigrant willing to do more work for less pay. While these jobs are not necessarily the best all-around jobs in the U.S. work force, they are still american jobs through and through. And with these low-paying jobs comes the concern about the increase in welfare. Almost half of the immigrants in this country are currently recieving welfare checks, which takes from legal tax-paying citizens of the united states.

While welfare is already a major concern in this country, the ammount of immigrants recieving welfare puts a major strain on the issue. While legal immigrants are not as much of a concern, it is the illegal immigrants on welfare that raises many concerns about this countries integrity. It is largely unfair to the average working class american who pays taxes, which in turn goes towards welfare to benefit illegal aliens in our country. While this is a free country, and everyone deserves a chance, it is unfair to give those a chance who do not belong in this country. With each year the welfare will continue to grow due to the increased ammount of immigrants in this country today.

With the U.S. still struggling from the war in Iraq, the immigrants have only added to the stress on our economy. Immigration should be paused in order for assimilation to take place, and allow these immigrants to grow into the american culture and becoms true citizens of the U.S.