Imagine schools without computers. No more spreadsheet, database, or basic programming. Stell in his essay "On classrooms with or without computers" claims that computers are the less important things in our lives. But does he ever hold thought how computer illiteracy would effect whole mankind in our everyday increasing life progress. The author also claims that studying computers takes away time that could be spent on studying other subjects: "Why not study Spanish...?" (414). Psychology proved that people who had their grade in math less then "C" value in school say that kids should have less math and science in schools, but they say it only because they missed out the importance of it. (Psychology & Self-help Magazine; 1997, Mar, pp.41-47) Same way Stell talks about computers, without realizing the power of use and potential of computers. Another thing author doesn't know is that "...40% of all the jobs involve some kind of work with computers..." ( Experimenting on 5th graders the author of "On Classrooms, with and without Computers" is trying to prove his point, but we all know that that kind of evidence is childish, and the experiment also haven't proved anything. The only thing we learned after it is that there's a lot information outs there, and in order to process it correctly, we need to learn how to use computers.

So now, when I proved you that Stell's evidence does not have any support, the question still remains: "Why do we need to teach computers in schools?". Well, mostly because without knowledge of computers and electronics the whole world would go back into 19th century and fall into economic depression. There would be no robots-computers to operate plants and ease human work; the productivity would be so down low, it wouldn't response to demands of customers and would become a deficit. People would be bagging for food. The crime rate would go up. Government would have to force militia or otherwise it would be a total anarchy.
There are more reasons for children to study computers. As Stell tells us, kids prefer play on computers then just simply study, (415) and that's absolutely true. One thing the author forgot is that computers can be very educational, and in combination with "fun working with" they create perfect study tool. Interest in computers also keeps kids out of the streets - drugs, alcohol.
What's the effect of the computers in the 21st century? I learned that it's huge. And not having children study computers in school would be almost like committing a crime. I have a computer major, and saying that computers are not important is like an insult to me. I think that we shouldn't think about how computers effect on other classes, but what effect computers have on real life.