Im Taking This Course Because:

Dev. Psych.- Psy 212

Feb.5, 2004

Hi, my name is ___ as you can see above. Well, Im taking this course because Psychology is actually my major. I have been interested in various things, as I have noticed most of my interests are correlated with helping people. I enjoy helping people as much as I can. You can say Im a people-person; a lot of people can see that I am very friendly and can be pretty talkative almost wherever I go. Yet, I have also noticed that I can be a very good listener and I like to think about things in life, whether they are choices that I have to make or things that I have done or things that have happened to me. I have had an odd tendency where some people just start telling me their problems, and they can be complete strangers! Ive had people at the bus stops talk to me and some tell me some portion of their lives, I have had customers, some employees, and on rare occasions at work a manager may reveal or discuss with me on a personal matter. At some point in my teen years I looked back at my early grammer-school years and remembered a girl who I never really spoke with or ever hung out, she was just a classmate, and yet I can remember her practically pouring herself and that portion of her life onto me. In my high schools years I wanted to be a lawyer for many reasons of course. One was that it was a pretty good profession, I wanted to be something, I wanted to rise, and I wanted to be one who made it big and had degrees in the family. Another reason was because I was inspired, yes, I was actually inspired by television. One movie which was based on a true life-story especially did it for me, although now they have these hyped true-stories, or reality t.v. series.