If Three Minerals Disappeared

If copper disappeared from the Earth, it would affect me greatly because almost all wires inside of computers and integrated circuits are made of copper. So I would not be able to use computers, and neither would anyone else, except for a few that use fiber-optic wire. All kinds of businesses would stop functioning because their computers would all crash. Over 80% of all money in the United States doesn’t exist. It’s “virtual money,” so it only exists in cyberspace. If all of the banks’ computers went down, they wouldn’t know how much money each person had, and that would cause a lot of trouble. Also, if the computers at school went down, the teachers wouldn’t be able to use GradeSpeed, so they would have to use old-fashioned pencil and paper. Copper is also used in water pipes, so if it disappeared, a bunch of pipes would disappear, cutting off the water supply to many places. Copper is used in telephone lines, too, so nobody would be able to talk to anyone else over long distances. It would be just like the old days. And if someone had to call 911, they couldn’t, which would be very bad for all the people getting robbed, etc.

If coal disappeared, it would cause major blackouts because over half of all the electrical energy used in the United States is generated by coal. That might knock out all the computers that still worked after copper disappeared. If there was no power, kids couldn’t watch T.V., which would be a major catastrophe. Also, companies who sold electricity generators would start making a lot more money. Or people would have to start using a lot more nuclear power.

But if halite disappeared, we would have to find a new way to run nuclear reactors because salt is used in most of them. Salt is used heavily in food preparation, so many people – including me – would have to either get used to eating food without salt, or find something else that tasted like it. And hunters couldn’t cure hides without salt, so they would have some really stinky hides lying around. Halite is also used in fire extinguishers, so if it were gone, there would be a lot more destructive fires that don’t get put out. And we have more than enough fires already. In the United States, about 40% of salt is used as a de-icer on roads in the winter. Without it, cars would slip and there would be a lot more accidents.

I think that these three minerals are extremely important both in my life and the lives of all people, so I hope that they never disappear.