Kevin Duffy
Mrs. George
English 5

Hamlet was what you could call a very strange or weird

person upon first glance. He was mangy looking and talked

as if he were crazy. He would talk to you like you were a

part of one of the books he had read.

Hamletís father had died in his sleep. He started

to seclude himself from the world and read constantly. He

started to act out and portray what he read. He was in a

confused daze between reality and a dream world.

Living in a dream state is very dangerous because

he did things that normally he would have thought through

first. He accidentally killed an official to his mother

because he thought that it was his uncle.

He started to hallucinate that his father was visiting

him. Hamlet would regularly see this apparition of his

mind. His father would tell him that by finding the

person who killed him that he could rest in peace.

Hamlet then had a traveling acting group come and

perform a play that would try to single out the killer.

The play that was performed was one that Hamlet picked

because it seemed to fit to his situation. During the

play Hamletís uncle choked on a piece of meat while

laughing. Thinking that because his uncle stood up Hamlet

got it in his mind that his uncle was the guilty one.

On the way up to his room his uncle swallowed the food

and was fine.

Hamletís accusations against his uncle made him fear

for his life. Knowing that if he were to wait any longer

he had Hamlet sent to England to be put to death for the

murder of an official. Some how managing his way back from

England Hamlet was able to kill his uncle. To him this

fulfilled his fathers requests. But not making it far he

himself was killed.

Being blinded by things that never really happened

drove Hamlet into a lunatic craze. He would not stop until

what he felt was completed. This eventually led to his

down fall and his death.